Rio precision???what's the word?

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  1. I am looking at getting a new fly line and seen the rio perception. has anyone tried it yet? if so what do you think?
  2. Do you mean perception?
  3. Yeah sorry
  4. I just put it on my 5 wt. Lawn casts great and looks gorgeous. Haven't got to use it on the water yet
  5. Well when you do if you can give me a report it would be useful.
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  8. I plan on it.
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  12. How about putting this line on a 4wt sage one? Would you go with a 5wt line in the perception ?
  13. I cast it on a 4wt Echo for half a day and here's my brief and to-the-point report.

    At distances: it casts like a freaking dream. You can boom line as there's no stretch to remove the line speed energy between back/front casts.
    In close, like fishing from a boat, it's not that great. I really didn't like how much line you had to have out of the rod tip before it'd begin performing.
    Hooking up with a fish: you'll need to relearn how to set the hook, well at least I would if I used this line. I'm pretty quick on the draw, but I don't think that's what made the difference. Since there's very little to no stretch in this line, your hook sets are should i the point. I ended up ripping flies out of fishes mouths, and breaking flies off on hook set when I'd typically never have a problem. There's no give, so take it easy on hook set or you'll be replacing flies often. :(

    Personally, i'll stick with the Grand as it's a better performing line for how I fish.
  14. Been using the Preception on a variety of 5-wts for the last couple months . Really love it on the Orvis Helios 2, St. Croix Avid and Redington's Vapon and Link. Loads wonderfully, shoots nicely and presents well. For the Sage One, I still prefer the Rio Grand as its a bit heavier and loads that very fast-action rod a bit better. For all others, I'm going to go with the Preception (I'll slowly replace the Gold on my reels with Preception, I think).
  15. I'm going to be putting it one a 4wt winston gvx that i use mostly for dry fly fishing how do you think it will do?
  16. I'
    It should serve you well there. I like the Grand on the One only because the One is so damned fast it really works better with the heavier line. On every other rod I've tried, I prefer the Perception (including on the new glass rods from Redington and Orvis -- both dry fly specialists).
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