RIO Versitip vs Versitip II (difference???)

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  1. Anyone have experience or insights into the difference between Versitip and Versitip II ? I have heard some grumbling about the loop connections on the original Versitip being cumbersome and problematic with rod guides. Validity TBD/unknown by me. Obviously RIO came out with the II version for reasons other than fortuitous distortion and swamp gas. Is there a meaningful difference between the two????

    As always, insights appreciated.

    Thanks !
  2. They did? curious too.
  3. I think that they added another sink tip to the bunch. They have intermediate, type 3, and type 6 and now type 8.
  4. Makes versi tips stop at 6.
  5. Mine's pretty old...2005?....and it has clear intermediate, 3, 5, and 8.
  6. I received a reply email back from RIO after I asked them what changed between the older version and the newer version:

    The only difference was that we went to a dual tone, green running line and yellow head, and, went to welded loops on all of the tips, not just the floating. Please let me know if you have further questions or comments. Have a great day!

    Kind regards,

    Apparently the substantive difference is the universal application of welded loops. I have no idea if the loops are "better" or "different" with the II version but, apparently,at least they now exist on all new tips.

  7. I still have no 8 tip for my 6 weight, maybe only in higher weights? My 6 has a floater/int/3/6 ...but no 8. I also have a nine weight versi tip that I have not used for some time....I will have to check that one out and see how many tips.

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