RIP Aaron

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by ribka, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. ribka

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  2. Dave Alberts

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    Condolences to Aaron's family and friends. Godspeed.

    Semper Fi
  3. Roper

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    He's sitting at a new campfire now, sharing stories with hunters that have passed, feet up, enjoying the warmth of the fire and his companions...
  4. WonkyWapiti

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    Semper Fi brother, I remember reading his posts on Hunt-Wa as he was going through flight training.
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  5. Jeff Dodd

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    Sounds like a great guy who is now gone from his family way earlier than he should be.

    Well written, but the first obituary I have read that focused on a person's online personality.
  6. Alex MacDonald

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    Fair winds and following seas. I never ran across him, but from what's in the article, it sounds like he'd be welcome at any of our fires, anytime.
  7. Jim Ficklin

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    Condolences & prayers sent. Sounds like a young man I'd have been blessed to have known.
  8. papafsh

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    Thanks for the link, ribka, my prayer is for his family. What a difficult time for them.