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  1. So sad! RIP Chris Kyle! Thank you for your service!
  2. PTSD gone very, very bad. I read that Chris leaves a wife and children behind. I wonder if his buddy did as well. Very sad situation for families and friends.

  3. What the hell are they training the troops with to cause all this PTSD. After your tour of duty, they should lock you away to make sure you are sane enough to go back into the masses. I don't believe that the boys from the second world war came back with killing on their minds.

    Did they all learn to kill at 1000 yards.

    Sorry for this if I don't understand how the boys are trained anymore. But maybe they should change their training methods. Keeping one alive is one thing, but teaching to kill is another.
  4. Thank you Chris Kyle. Sorry for the loss.
  5. Jim, it's not their training. It's what they had to deal with. It's a totally different war then fought in WWII. I've heard too many stories that just made me cringe. Could see how some could turn. BUT, at same time, those that turn that I know would never go on a shooting rampage, just a drinking rampage (and have seen it unfortunately). Those that have served in OIF/OEF in those roles could expand much more.
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  6. Thank you.
  7. Tragic. RIP.
  8. Thanks Jerry. It is truly a sad day for America.
  9. Very sad day for America.
  10. Jerry / Jim--
    For sure it is a "different war"...not necessarily "better" or "worse"...but different. War is a nasty business regardless of the era. In addition to WWII, consider our Civil War, WWI, Korea, and Viet Nam. They were all horrific and bloody conflicts. Today's warriors are the best trained, and best equipped fighting force in history, but the effects of the horrors of war on the human psyche just haven't changed much over the years. When the WWII guys went over the edge, it was called "battle fatigue"...we all remember the scene from Patton when the young soldier was called a coward. Today we supposedly have a better understanding of what we now call PTSD, and try to accommodate the need of our returning warriors than they did in earlier times.

    If you want to read an account of a Marine's life in the Pacific during WWII, I highly recommend With The Old Breed at Pelieu & Okinawa by E.B. Sledge. When I was in high school and college, I worked for a WWII Marine who made these same landings and recounted the events described in the book on a regular basis. For a similar accounting of the Viet Nam conflict, I recommend We Were Soldiers Once and Young by Gen Hal Moore. There are numerous other documentaries that are equally as good, but these two are special to me.

    Understand that these comments are in no way meant to take away from the honor, committment and sacrafice that todays troops are making...just to say that that war and armed conflict is, and always has been, an ugly way to "solve" societal problems. Wars, if fought, should be fought by soldiers at least 50 years of age. By that time we hopefully would be smart enough to figure a way to solve our problems without killing each other....
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  11. This hit way too close to home. While I didn't know him personally, we had mutual friends and his name came up in conversation often enough to feel like I knew him vicariously. Unfortunately, we'll probably never know for sure what happened out there.

  12. By that time we hopefully would be smart enough to figure a way to solve our problems without killing each other....
    Sounds like your talking to a politician... I'd prefer to thank a veteran and those who are serving this country that give you this right to type. I call it respect and it's not that hard to show.
  13. I'm not a military historian, but I think the use of psychological warfare is making a big difference between the kinds of things soldiers see now compared to World War 2. It's no longer total war, nation versus nation or allies versus allies. It's more about taking the fight out of the opponent, rather than taking it to them.

    I also think it's just been building up over time. Trauma creates more trauma, and will keep doing so until properly dealt with.
  14. I'm not sure you understand the irony he was going for. Most politicians are over middle age, and they're the ones that make the decisions, so if they want to fight then they should do it themselves rather than send the young who don't/shouldn't know better. Of course, I could just be misinterpreting your stance.
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