river rule changes this year

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  1. Hey what is up with some of the rivers --sky , south fork stilly above granite falls and a few others do not open until august ,some rivers like the sky have totally different seasons for each stretch , so anyone know the reason for this ? wanted to take the grand puppies up to the sf stilly and now I have to wait until august:( thanks smitty
  2. They open the first Saturday in June. Read it again. The August date is when the night closure goes into effect.
  3. I'll admit our regs are difficult to decipher at times. This forum is helpful, but not everyone here gives correct information, especially reagrding wolves :rolleyes: I believe CB above is correct, but read again and confirm what he has offered you.
  4. i would cry if i couldnt summer steel fish hear locally
  5. And it's only a couple of weeks away now. It's been another long spring with now river fishing. I think there'd be riots in the streets if they extended the closures another two months into August.
  6. anyone wanna do a scout trip down the sky soon?
  7. If you don't have a Philadelphia lawyer with you and a lap top, you don't know what the regulations are in Washington. Just fish a single barbless (small) hook, don't use a net, don't keep anything, don't lift the fish out of the water and hope for the best........;)
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  8. Yes I agre. The reg's have confused me many times.

  9. I am totally down for that. I am actually going to go scope things out a little bit tomorrow.

  10. Oh soooo true! I don't fish Washington as I'm located minutes from the Rogue River but to get your Game Department reg changes into my e-mail in box. Reg's change (almost) once per week. Oregon's will 'change' but pretty infrequently.

    Last major changes involved fishing on the Columbia River.

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