Rocky Ford in July?

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  1. Hi friends,
    Never fished the Rocky Ford, but hear all about the "aquarium fishing" that it offers. I'll be at Potholes State Park at the end of July, will take a trip with my scuds and terrestrials to see what it's all about. Any other suggestions near potholes that would be worth a look? Or how about any tips for Rocky Ford? I'm also wondering about the small creek that drains into the Potholes Res. just above the state campground...anyone ever fished here? Website claims trout and bass in there. Anyway, I'd really appreciate any input!! thanks and tight lines! Scott
  2. Most every other place around the Potholes will have too hot of water. Rocky Ford Creek on the other hand is a spring creek and has reasonably constant temperature water. Bring sunscreen on your trip. I took Hoof (from BC) fishing there last year in August for a few hours and he hooked 4 or 5 good sized fish from the first location we stopped at.

    Frenchmen's wasteway does have bass and other spiny rays. Most that fish it are either quiet about it or don't post.

    If you fish RF pick your time early in the day as when the sun warms up the bottom there's a "bottom crud" hatch that makes fishing a tad harder.
  3. Thanks Zen leecher, I definitely will try to avoid the mid-day heat( and warm water)- will probably try both Frenchmen's and RF creek. Excited to throw some terrestrials - that is if they're on the menu. If frenchmen's too warm I'll leave 'em alone. One more question, how far a drive from Poteholes S.P. to Rocky F. access? Thanks!
  4. Probably 1 1/4 hours
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  5. Ummmm..... I get from here to the Ford in under45 minutes. You drive like an old man, Zen;)
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  6. I was going to add I do drive like an old man. He asked for the distance from the Potholes and I figured what it would take to get out to 17 and then drive north for him.
  7. Google maps says 55 minutes. I'd call that pretty accurate unless you're a leadfoot or, ummmm, a featherfoot.
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  8. drive a little further to Ephrata to Desert Fly Angler, and ask Darce what he'd recommend. If he's not there, he has a vending machine with a set of flies most successful at RF. Pack your sunscreen, and plenty of cold water-you're gonna need it!
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  9. Looks like highway 17 the best way to go ? Appreciate the input fellas!
  10. I ran a mapquest on directions and it appears the best way is via Dodson Road to the west of the state park. That might be the best way as it runs to the east edge of Ephrata (where Desert Fly Angler is).

    Here's the link:

    Hopefully it works. Link says 65 minutes but once you hit the fly shop that will increase exponentially. Highway 17 is the way I usually drive and that's why I originally suggested it.

    The link doesn't seem to work.
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  11. Thanks Zen, I probably won't hit the flyshop to save time. Is best access at one of the paved parking areas or does that really matter? I noticed a parking area right next to 17 as it crosses the creek.
  12. You want the creek up between the two Trout Lodge trout hatcheries. It's north on 17 about 2-3 miles south of Soap Lake and to the east on Trout Hatchery road. Down where Rocky Ford crosses 17 is a lot of carp water. There are trout but not even close to what's up between the two hatcheries. The hatcheries are about 1.5 miles apart and the first one is at the east end of Trout Hatchery road. It's about a 3 mile run on the dirt Trout Hatchery road to the first hatchery. The second one is a tad south of the first. Three somewhat established parking areas. One is right next to the stream and the other two are about a 300 yard walk to the creek. You may not be able to walk across the two foot traffic bridges as they may be closed.
  13. Thanks a lot! save me some time. I'll make sure to report back -

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