Rocky Ford Lower Bridge Shut Down

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Greg Price, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. So the I-5 bridge over the Skagit has nothing on Rocky Ford.

    I was at RF yesterday and the lower bridge is chained and has signs saying the bridge is too dangerous to cross.

    Anyone have info on this? How long has it been closed?

    Fishing was excellent for me yesterday - catching no so good, got a big skunking.
  2. Was the sign signed by anybody?
  3. had a buddy call me from over there and told me the same thing.
  4. About time that bridge is stetchy
  5. My understanding is that Trout Lodge's deal for having that awesome hatchery is to provide accessible fishing. They need to fix that!
  6. Wow - I always thought that bridge was fairly new and nice. When I first started fishing there, that bridge was simply a series of 2 x 12 planks across. But I guess that was 25 years ago.
  7. Which bridge is this: the one near the disabled fishing platform, or the one down by the second hatchery? If it's the downstream one, a nutria or muskrat took up residence under the far side (stream left) bank and it's been undermined badly. When the ramp's wet or icy, it's really dangerous. I took a fall off that last year that cracked some ribs. We ran into a warden early this year, who said it was on schedule for being repaired. Maybe this is finally happening.
  8. I know I use a walking stick to get off the far end of the bridge. When there's mud on the wood ramp end it's slippery for us older types.
  9. It is the newer looking bridge that is near downsteam fish hatchery. It is not the first bridge you come to located just upstream of the handicapped fishing pier and paved parking lot.

    The bridge itself looks perfectly safe. I bet it is the structure holding it up that is suspect.
  10. I'm thinking it's the "off ramp" at the bridge.
  11. I was told that the state is in the process of getting the enviormental permits required to rebuild the bridge. they estimate that this will take up to around two years. until then they may put in a temperary zip line or you will have to parachute in to fish the holy water . Note you still can't get your shoes wet at rocky ford
  12. Build the fucking thing, screw around with the stupid permits later!
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  13. Let's just go back the the 2 X 6's. Worked great for years !!!
  14. I know how to get across. Looks like Chad's gonna have a lot of water to himself at the Ford!
  15. i thought i was going to get the entire lower section to my self, but alas it was busy. People found ways to get there just as i had done. bummer, no untouched water.
  16. LOL. I was just gonna cross at the other bridge and walk down.
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  17. That's the cheating way, I was going to park up on the ridge and hike down.
  18. I fished it in March and ran into a trapper that was under contract with either the state or Trout Lodge to harvest muskrats. Just in the area around the bridge he pulled something like 17 rats out of his traps! I'm not surprised they undermined the bridge to the point it is unsafe and needs to be rebuilt.
  19. 17 does seem excessive! But I do love fishing behind the rats, they stir up the bottom and often times trout will follow them, eating the scuds that they kick up.
  20. I believe he was trapping for himself as that's what he does in the winter. He left me with the thought he was in it for the money as his goal was 700 rats each year. Now he may have been working both sides of the street and getting additional funds from the various irrigation districts. Most of the places he trapped were running water in Grant and Adams county, areas controlled by the irrigation districts.

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