Rocky Ford roadtrip - Monday, Jan 20

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dp, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. for my birthday I am treating myself to a day of fishing so I am heading to Rocky Ford on Monday, Jan 20. Will arrive by 9:30 and will start in the middle section and work down to the lower bridge, and yes, cross the bridge to work back up to the rocks. There is enough daylight to make that happen. I will probably be in my olive Outback but may take my recently purchased Jag. I'm dying to see what it does on the open road - weather permitting - meaning NO chance of snow or ice - which looks promising right now.
    Anyway, if you there, give me a shout.
    Olive Bugger - from the scud post: 5 wts are just fine and I use a floating line for drifting scuds under an indicator and for tossing and stripping buggers (successful tactics last two trips). too shallow for sink tips or intermediate lines - IMO.

    Go Hawks!!!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. A little too close for me to make the 20th but hope you have a very Happy Birthday and many many good ones to come. Give us a report when you get back.
  3. Dave, wind permitting I will join you. Probably won't be windy as the forecast is for a high of 43 (optimistic) and foggy. The fog holds the cold in so I don't expect 43.
  4. Good luck guys! I'm still stuck on a boat, but fly out of Alaska on the 25th. The first thing I'm going to do is get a root canal and then go fishing:) might shoot some Yotes to. I hope to fish with you guys one of these days. I will have the month of February off.
  5. What kind of boat are you on Bob? Fish/Crab...?

  6. Kaiserman.. Ya I'm on a tugboat in southeast Alaska. Month on month off.
  7. I don't know if I'd love that job, or hate it. Well if I was single, I think I'd like it...
  8. Since I can't make it either, I hope we get some kind of fishing report.
    Maybe a hip flask report also. LOL
  9. guess I need to throw in the flask....
  10. Hey.... that was some old guy from the tri-cities that wanted a young guy to tote a flask for him.
  11. honestly - I typically carry something with me
  12. Weather report has gone to pot. Forecast is now 30 and fog. We had a touch of snow this morning and it's gone now.
  13. The freezing fog sure made it damp and chilly today. I wore more clothes than last weekend, but it was still hard to stay warm and everything froze up - guides, line and reel. But at least there's no snow and most of the shelf ice is gone so all in all, not bad for January!
  14. Made my first trip to RFC today, what an amazing place. Went 0/1, and for the most part, they weren’t buying what I was selling. Cold but worth it.
  15. I was out to the Ford on Thursday 01/16/14
    Once the fog rose it was a pretty nice day.
    Pheasant tail nymph, olive scuds, and glow bugs seem to work pretty good.
    I found something that upset me pretty bad. A Styrofoam worm container in the middle section.
    Freaking poachers
  16. :mad:
  17. I may have a healthy thirst . . . perhaps you should bring a Saint Bernard (I'd hate to precipitate a hernia, lol.).

    I can't cast, but I may show-up with a camera (and my pup), weather permitting. After retiring, recovering from wrist surgery is driving me guano. 'Sides that, I'd like to meet a few of you folks, even Zen . . .
  18. A brand new Jag on that gravel road? 1146.gif Would like to attend but work simply precludes that option. Happy B-day...hope the fishing is good.
  19. He will probably drive very, very slow as to not kick up gravel and scratch his new car.
  20. 2004 jag. it's staying home
    big hawk game today and then good fishing on Monday.
    can't wait

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