Rocky Ford - Sat 12/21

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  1. Mcnasty and I decided to make a last min trip out to the ford yesterday. We got a late start and didn't arrive until 10:40-11:00ish, but still found the parking lots car free. We started out in the middle water. I wasn't getting any love there so moved downstream. I started catching quite a few small 10-13" fish that were fighting really well. They really seemed to go for my olive mohair leech. The one with a red hot spot worked far better than the one without. As I was getting close to double digits Mcnasty showed up and let me know that he had caught nine where he was fishing. He was using white leeches and scuds. We fished my spot for a while and started hooking and even catching some bigger fish. Before we left I caught two more and he got about four. He also got one more 20" class fish back up at the middle water.

    A good day with temps around 29-30 and mostly dead calm. We didn't really feel the cold until around dusk when we decided to leave. I took the new puppy and she did great. She's going to be a good fishing companion after she learns to read the regs. No wading in Rocky Ford!

    Me: swinging and fast stripping size 12-14 mohair leeches. Caught about 12 fish.
    Mcnasty: drifting scuds and slow stripping white unweighted micro leeches. Caught about 15.


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  2. Nice work guys:)
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  3. I've been living in Spokane all my life, been fly fishing for 28 yrs.... have never been to RF.

    Been told, "I'm not missing much." Well, that's a nice "not missing much". :)
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  4. Cute pup!
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  5. Not everyone enjoys it. I think it's mostly the crowds. Yesterday we had it almost to ourselves so we were able to choose water that we like, that suits our styles and that we have caught fish in before. When it's crowded the spots are more limited and you should be prepared to fish several different styles. Search Irafly's posts for advice on his signature scudding style.

    Not all the fish fight hard, but I've caught
    up to 28" so that makes up for it, especially in the skinny sections!
  6. For those of us on the east side, Rocky Ford is a great way to keep fishing now that our steelhead is winding down and lakes are months away. I've gotten into fishing the BWO hatches for the most part when I head over about once a week. Nothing like catching those fish on 20 and 22 emergers (and losing many of them too!). Educational and frustrating when you can see them approach your fly then give you the big fin. Pat's approach of fast stripping streamers is deadly.
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  7. If I knew you guys were going to be there the 21st I would have shown just to see the new black dog. It's supposed to be around 40 for the high tomorrow so it looks like an outing for me.
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  8. I need to go there with my switch rod and go spray casting
  9. We're the real rivers blown out?

  10. We were thinking about you Bill. I want to see what you think of the pup. I'll be sure and give you a heads up next time.
  11. Thanks for sharing.!
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  12. I'll bring Molly the wild dog along to meet your pup. Molly hit 1 year old about 10 days ago.

    Looks like I will be at RF for a couple of hours tomorrow morning.
  13. Looks like I will be home today. I found out what's worse than west side black ice. East side freezing rain. Shoot... a person would need crampons to get traction on this stuff. Even our dog was slipping all over on the back patio.
  14. Looks like I need to head out there this winter.
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  15. definitely worth the trip. a buddy of mine was there last week stripping buggers and caught 30 fish a day. The first day was mostly the little ones but he got fish up to 8 lbs. Will be back on the 1st.
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  16. Fun-ness, very cool... thanks for sharing. I'm thinking a trip to RF is in order during my Boeing break.
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  17. 30 fish days and a couple 8 pounders are nice no matter where you are.
  18. Good job Patrick!
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  19. Nice! Bet there weren't any snakes around . . .
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