Rocky Ford/Tom Petty combo

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dp, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    anyone headed to Petty at the Gorge tomorrow? I'll be wetting a line at the Ford first and then heading to Whitehorse Campground. They offer a place to stay and a shuttle service.
    Hope to be at the Creek by 10:00 for a few hours. Driving my Suburban.
    Look me up if you are in the area and need a cold one.

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  2. McNasty

    McNasty Canyon Lurker

    have a good one, my buddy will be campin over there for both shows. ive seen Tom 3 times now. always a great show!
  3. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    The Ford treated me well on Friday. We arrived to overcast skies and only one person fishing the middle section. I fished two rigs - bugger on a floater and scud under an indicator. Got fish on both setups. Probably 6 to hand up to 4 lbs. Also caught 3-4 really small guys. They hit the scud, bugger or my indicator as soon as it hit the water. Once the clouds parted, fishing went down hill and it was time to go Party at Petty. The concert was dynamite. Great crowd. I stayed at Whitehorse campground and it was worth it. clean, organized and courtesy shuttle service included. I highly recommend the place.
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  4. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    one more thing to add. The water level was up - first time I have ever seen this. Rocks that are always exposed, were under water. It changed the shoreline access as well. msde for landing some fish difficult
  5. mplutodh1

    mplutodh1 Member

    Thanks for the update, heading over Thursday.

    Bridge still closed/chained off?
  6. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    never got that far. fished the middle section and the dock section. Not enough time to fish all day - had Petty obligations and he did not disappoint!
  7. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    How was the former Traffic member, Steve Winwood? Like some of his stuff.
  8. FlyNewbie

    FlyNewbie Hooked...

    I went to the show too! Petty was great and I would highly recommend the show. Winwood was decent as I have seen him a couple times before.
  9. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    I gave Winwood a chance this time (third time opening for Petty at the Gorge) and he gave a solid performance - very enjoyable
  10. Bruce Baker

    Bruce Baker Active Member

    I was at the concert as well. Just and awesome show by Petty. I can't really describe it, but you could definitely feel the Tom's and the band's presence.

    Winwood did a very credible job, I'm just not that into his music.
  11. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    you guys should have met me at the Ford! I sent my message prior to the show.
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  12. Bruce Baker

    Bruce Baker Active Member

    I know you did and it would have been nice, but I found out the night before I was going and I carpooled.
  13. Irafly

    Irafly Active Member

    This is good to hear. There are some opportunities on the creek that disappeared when the waters dropped, I would like to see some of my old haunts return. Thanks for the report.
  14. mplutodh1

    mplutodh1 Member

    Fished it with some friends of FlyCaster Brewing on Thursday. Water level is up from what I've seen it typically. Meant a few rocks were under water mid-creek (middle parking lot area) and then down towards the lower hatchery there were a few spots that were under water. Didn't stop us though.

    Caught an average bow on a small black beetle mid-creek in the late morning. A nibble on a scud but not much else happening there. Had a couple hours of hot streamer excitement down just above the lower bridge though. Aggressive hits with quick retrieves - seemed like every other cast out we were getting fish on. Landing was challenging though. Lots of weed growth along the road side of the creek (where we were standing on the rocks). Tried to land a few there but found it easier to let the fish have some line and run over towards the path towards the bridge and land them there. I was tossing a beadhead flesh fly with a quick retrieve. Tried an olive colored pattern and got a little attention but nothing like that flesh fly. The bead got it down to the depth needed and the light color got the attention.

    All in all, a good day on the water!

    photo 1[6].JPG
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  15. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    The raise in water level is going to make for some interesting fishing. New access paths will be needed for the cattail sections as the current ones have a very limited angle for casting. The paths are under water about 10 feet before the cattails end. I spent the last two mornings fishing there with a board member. Yesterday I was missing strikes left and right and figure I missed 12 strikes. Had two nice sized fish on and both broke me off. One showed me backing past my backing knot before he/she decided to keep my fly for a remembrance.

    The water is about 12 inches higher than usual and this has caused a change in the weed growths. Way more weeds, higher up closer to the surface of the water.

    I checked out the first area where the Gene Armstrong bridge is and also the center section. The weed growths almost make me think there is extra nutrients in the water for their growth.

    Even though RF has extra water flowing thru it one thing that surprised me is the one pond to the west of the hatchery area has dried up. I've never seen it dry before.
  16. FFK

    FFK Member

    Man, I haven't been to R.F. in five years. I need to figure out a way to get back out there.
  17. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Head west on I-90, turn north on exit 179...... I'd go with this for starters on finding a way back there.
  18. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    any idea what caused the creek to rise?
  19. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    I think they are running a little more water down Crab Creek below Billy Clapp. I heard that two days ago. Who know's how high the creek will rise once Crab Creek gets it's full amount of water in 2017.
  20. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    does Crab Creek feed onto Rocky Ford? I thought Rocky orginated from a underground spring, right there at the hatchery. Or am I on dope?