Rocky Ford Trout question???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Scott, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Hello everyone... Went up to Rocky Ford today. Fishing was not great, primarily due to the wind. The winds were sustaining at around 25-30mph (just my guess)... anyway made for very difficult casting. I did manage to hook a few fish... One of which I have never seen anything like before. It was a trout.. no question about it.. Purple sides, olive back... very soar mouth. However, the spots on its back were not black... they were a light olive... like a char. Do a lot of the trout in the Ford have these types of spots? Are these a certain species of trout, or did I just catch something with a birth deffect?

  2. There are a few atlantic salmon in there, although, it's been a several years since I've seen any.

  3. Two years ago I saw what appeared to be a blue trout holding with a bunch of rainbows at Rocky Ford. I went back two days later and hooked him on a scud patern but never landed the fish. Perhaps he was actually purple? Oddest looking trout I've seen. :DUNNO
  4. Rocky Ford has a bunch of species mixing, so colors will vary with the genetics.

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