Rocky Ford Trout question???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Scott, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Scott New Member

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    Hello everyone... Went up to Rocky Ford today. Fishing was not great, primarily due to the wind. The winds were sustaining at around 25-30mph (just my guess)... anyway made for very difficult casting. I did manage to hook a few fish... One of which I have never seen anything like before. It was a trout.. no question about it.. Purple sides, olive back... very soar mouth. However, the spots on its back were not black... they were a light olive... like a char. Do a lot of the trout in the Ford have these types of spots? Are these a certain species of trout, or did I just catch something with a birth deffect?

  2. Rob New Member

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    There are a few atlantic salmon in there, although, it's been a several years since I've seen any.

  3. SDCoug New Member

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    Two years ago I saw what appeared to be a blue trout holding with a bunch of rainbows at Rocky Ford. I went back two days later and hooked him on a scud patern but never landed the fish. Perhaps he was actually purple? Oddest looking trout I've seen. :DUNNO
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    Rocky Ford has a bunch of species mixing, so colors will vary with the genetics.