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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sean Beauchamp, Jul 28, 2002.

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    I recently got a float tube (Stillwater Drift). When I purchased it I thought about getting a rod holder but there like $30 in Cabelas and I thought I could do without it. Well after spending some time in the tube I've realized I need a rod holder. Are the scotty fly rod holders the only thing out there? just by looking at the design I swear I could make my own. I was curious if anyone out there has been brave and made there own. I was thinking of using PVC for the holder and velcro straps to hold it in place. Any suggestions?
  2. You can make one. I bought a rod holder for my tube and showed it to my fishing buddy. he made one and it was real easy and looks the same and works as well!

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  3. just remember, throw 'em back

    what materials and such did he use to construct his rod holder?
  4. Just what you stated. A piece of PVC pipe and a velcro strap. Made the cuts in the PVC to allow the rod to drop down so the reel sat down in the pipe a little and made two cuts to feed the strap through so it would hold the PVC to the float tube. It looks identical to the one I bought.

  5. IveofIone
    Make your own, it is easy and not as cumbersome as the store bought models. I use a U-type tube and my holder is a rubber bungee cord with the metal clips removed and lap spliced together just tight enough for the inflated tube to put enough pressure on the cord to hold the butt of the rod in place. Use shrink wrap over the splice to keep it neat. For the upper end I sewed a plastic shower hook to the fabric of the tube. The rod slips under the bungee and then snaps into the hook with the inflation of the tube keeping the rod taunt the whole time. I have used this method for over 5 years on my present tube with no failures or ever coming loose.Cost: about $6. I also built a rodholder for my South Fork pontoon boat using pvc tubing. This attaches to the frame and is adjustable for angle with the rod pointing rearward opposite of my casting hand. This one is easy also, you need a piece of pvc pipe, a block of wood, a drill the diameter of the frame tubing, a hacksaw and 4 screws. A file, some sandpaper and a coat of paint round out the equipment list. Cheap fun.Ive
  6. IveofIone, your float tube rod holder sounds good. I was wondering if you could post a picture? That would make it easier for me to visualize how the shower hook comes into play. A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.



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