Rod question Scott, Winston, or Sage?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Westfork, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. So, I love fast action rods, but I like a little finesse in them, also.

    For instance, the original Sage RPL was a hell of a caster, only a little bit tip heavy (IMHO) and catching a fish in it was like phone sex.

    I was never a fan of Winston (Only bought them for my wife, because she thought they were "pretty"), until I cast a Boron II, then I thought they might be pretty nice, then I cast a Boron III and I thought, hmmm, maybe Jerry Siem leaving was a good thing.

    A friend from California introduced me to Scott's, and I fell in love with the S3, S4. maybe, just didn't like the ferrule...

    My fishing with a 5W is mainly dries in Montana, Idaho, nymphs/ rare dries in Washington...

    But, it's time for a new 9 foot five weight...

    Only, I don't have a lot of time to run around and test drive rods, and casting in parking lots never really was a help for me.

    So, I'm asking for a little insight...

    Sage One, Scott Radian, Winston B III,what sets them apart in your use?
    Why pick one over the other?

    Yes, I know these posts are a little ridiculous, but I want to hear from some fans.
  2. So do you want to buy the one that you like or the one I like? You gotta test drive them yourself if you want to be happy with the choice!!!......
  3. Jim is correct. If you want the rod that will make you happy, you gotta test the rods available that you think might fill the bill.

    I have a Sage SLT 5 wt 9 ft. that Is the squirrels nuts for me. You probably would not care for it. But then again, what difference does that make. I picked up and flexed a Sage rod at the local shop. Felt good but doubt that it would fit my casting mode. So it is still in the shop as far as I know. Go test drive. Best direction to follow.
  4. I have some old sage xp's and love them! But you need to hit the local fly shops and give some rods a throw and see what your into. Good luck, i love buying a new rod ( I just never get to do it).
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  5. Some of those older Sage rods are the ticket. I have an older RP 896 that is a bear to cast but lays a line out like nobody's business. It is a 8 wt but likes a 9, wt line best.
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  6. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with any of these rods. I have a lot of Sage rods, but for some reason the One didn't get me excited. It has a lot of power but lacked some delicacy for me. Of the other two, it sounds like you have cast the Winston Biiix, and I love those rods for power and finesse. The Scott Radian has a similar feel, but I think they have figured out how to do it even better. I agree with the others though. If you are laying out $700-$800 for a new rod, it is worth finding the time to test cast them. You have only mentioned the top trout rods from 3 manufacturers. That is just the tip of the iceberg....... I would also consider the Orvis H2, the Hardy Zenith, and the Loomis NRX LP to be contenders, not to mention a lot of the mid price rods available.....
  7. Since you seem to want something different. Wright McGill has these new rods which they claim will compete with anyone's high end rods. They only cost about $100. Just maybe cheaper is better.
  8. Funny, I have several Sage rods, a St Croix, Helios2, and a few Jr Sage rods-Redingtons. It seems the only one I DON'T love is the one I was not smart enough to test out first.....
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  9. Thanks guys, for the input.

    I will be test driving any rod I buy, I was just looking to hear from a fan why you're a fan of one or the other rod, so I'd be looking for that while testing.

    St. Croix rods rock, but I'd be very surprised that a Wright and McGill would be anything good, but who knows these days.
  10. Since most rod makers have gone away from glass and latched on to the carbon fiber stuff, anything is possible. I would not discard a maker until I looked over his inventory. May be a pearl there.
    Wright McGill has been around for a very long time. Must be a reason for that.
  11. Gone the faster and newer route and what I have now is a 583 and 490 DS Sage and then my 389 LL. I'm set for trout till I die.
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  12. Exactly what rod were you using? ;) I want it!
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  13. I'm going to make a prediction here: You will buy more rods before you go to meet your maker...

  14. Westfork,

    Given your experience with fly rods you gotta' be fuckin' nuts to be asking for rod selection advice. You must be one of them internet trolls. But since you're askin', buy the rod that gets ya' beyond phone sex.

  15. Well, I have side drifted, and even plunked, but so far in life I have never trolled...
  16. i just read an article today from a yellowstone angler shootout that said that the winston boron 3's are the most disappointing fly rods ever made.

    spend 30 seconds on google and you will find reviews stating that they are the best fly rod ever made.

    point is that everyone feels differently about each rod, so pick what you like the most. even barbie poles catch steelhead
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  17. Just the last years they start ignoring the Winston 3x because there was no succerssor available. Also Hardy shows up with their Zenith Sintrix and game over for Winston.
    In 2011 the Winston 3x 4 weight rated third place in their shootout. Also the 5 weight was always at the top in their contest ($?)
  18. This package is from last year (my 2014 rod review packages will start appearing later this spring) but still good information for you:

    Personally I've opted for an Orvis Helios 2 as my go-to do-it-all 5-wt -- and I'm in a position to choose virtually any rod out there as my personal stick. The H2 has both great power and great finesse. For pure power, the Sage One is hard to beat (and in heavier weight -- we used an 8wt -- the Sage Method has been called a "true catapult" by my team of gear-testing guides).

    One other real stand out in the current crop of rods is the G.Loomis PRO4x Trout. This rod has good casting power, with delicate tip action to allow smooth dry fly presentation.

    Like Sage rods, all G.Loomis rods are made in Washington state.
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  19. There are Zenith rods on deep discount, though you didn't mention price as an issue. If they truly are like a nicer Greys XF2 then they will rock your world!
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  20. Nice site Dan, look forward to it when you have a few more items listed.

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