Rod question Scott, Winston, or Sage?

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  1. Sorry it was actually the Winston B3 SX.


    And their review:

    First I should tell you that I’m a Winston fan. But this is one of the worst rods they have ever produced! It is far too stiff for a #8 line rod, and it is heavy as a brick! The swing weight was a terrible 11.9 oz. Only the TFO mangrove was worse. Part of the blame for this goes to the God-awful, heavy snake guides they used. The overall size was OK. What I’m referring to is the size of the wire of the snake guides. These guides were even worse on the first run of rods but then enough people complained that they did go to smaller wire guides. But these are still WAY too big and heavy. You put very heavy guides way out on the tip of a rod and bad things happen. Especially in swing weight.
    But this rod is just too stiff, by at least one line size. Like that Method 8, it really needs a #9 line to get it to work. One thing I discovered was that this rod has a stiffer tip in relation to the butt and mid section power than the BIII SX in 9 foot #7. This hurt, especially casting at close range. Like all Winston rods, it is finished with a gorgeous emerald green. They use decent SiC stripping guides and the full wells cork handle is excellent, one of the best you’ll find. The reel seat is a nice flat black anodized double lock seat with a good-looking extension butt. This is a very good-looking rod, but it sure casts ugly! We’re thinking that this rod is definitely the winner for the rug beater competition, at least for 8-weight rods. If you plan to fish this rod for a whole day, better line up a good massage therapist, and book an hour – just for your arm and wrist!

    Anyways my point was and still is that you will find reviews on both end of the spectrum for almost every rod.
  2. None go with bamboo!
  3. I've never dealt with Hardy's service, one thing that makes me hesitant that is the fact that they want $700ish retail for a Korean made stick, umm sorry not happening from my wallet. I personally fish Sage, Scott, Winston, and TFO sticks. All have good service from my dealings. Good luck!
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  4. for a little distance on alpine lakes, i got a Sage One 490-4 and it's a tremendous 5wt rod. a rod definitely worth your consideration!
  5. Do I buy a Ford, Chevy or Dodge... a Mercury, Evinrude or Honda? From a performance, quality and reputation perspective, all are good. The same goes for this selection in fly rods. The difference between cars, outboards and fly rods however is that the latter, much more so, includes a "personal feel and fit" factor... and why, as most all have stated, you are wise to cast each and see which feels best to you.

    I have/fish Winston BxII and Sage RPL and like both. My favorite rod is a St. Croix, my custom wrap, and one of my first fly rods, a Cabela Fish Eagle II can still punch line out over the top of the shed with the big names... don't get too caught up in the marketing hype ;).
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