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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Gary Knowels, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. As a burgeoning gear whore, I've gone from 1 rod to 7 in the last 9 months and from 1 reel to 6. I see no signs of this slowing too much in the future. That said, I need a better way to store my rods than on a shelf or in a corner. What do you guys use to store rods and reels? I am 26 and rent so I don't want to invest too heavily into something that I can't take with me on my next inevitable move.
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  2. Lol Gary I feel your pain. I store mine in a large double door gun safe along with my firearms. I currently have 9 rods, 7 reels, two rifles, one shotgun and 7 handguns, along with ammo and mags all stored secure with room for more :)
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  3. Depending how large your place is, studio, 1 bedroom apt etc? You can either buy those laminated wood cabinets at home depot, walmart, lowes, for clothes, they look good, cheaply priced and they have shelves on one side for reels, fly boxes and a hanger side for your rod cases, rain jacket and such.

    Or you can buy the plastic flat totes, put the items in them close the top and store under your bed out of the way. I did that for a period of time, when I was single and only a small apt.

    My .02

  4. I live in a 3 bed, 3 bath townhouse with my girlfriend and a friend currently, but who knows what the next place will be. At the moment, the third bedroom is my office/man cave/tying and rod building room and includes a 3/4 bath. I also have a 1 car garage that never has a car in it.
  5. I generally keep my gear in the truck during fishing season. You never know when the urge will overcome you. I do have to admit that we live in a relatively low crime area.

  6. This is exactly what I did. It works fine. I added a clothes hanger bracket (fits over the tops of doors and meant for hanging up clothes)to the side for hanging up my waders and vests.
  7. Well, if you have a fairly unused garage you might try this: just taking 2 x 4s and screwing hooks (I think they're called bike hanger hooks?) and then mounting 'em to the ceiling. There are also some pretty similar commercial racks which are not too much more in cost to what I spent on the 2x's and hooks.

    Check Cabelas or similar sites.

    Here's what I did:


    As you can see, every hook is filled but I have new gear coming so I guess I'll have to expand this system! :)
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  8. I keep all my rods in my truck. The ones I use all summer long are altogether so I can get out and fish and not have to set anything up. I stop get out and fish. No stomping around in the brush.

    The ones not in use are in their Socks and tubes. The reels in their cases.
  9. Nothing wrong with a pile-o-rods leaning in the corner. Makes it easy to find most rooms have at least four corners so you got plenty of space. :)
  10. Its very difficult to harm your rod(s) when they are in their tubes. I really don't like leaving my stuff out, I have kids and funny things happen. I keep my reels in their pouch and in their box in a dresser drawer. Fly lines are bagged and tagged and placed in a box...unless they are on a reel. If I know I will be fishing a few days in a row or have a chance of doing it then I have a little system like dipnet's above. Grab and Go. But I only do it with a rod or two at most.
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  11. A gun safe of course... fly rods and reels are just as valuable as firearms. I even store my fanny pack stuffed with fly boxes there which, if I added up all the labor hours in those, is arguably most valuable ;).
  12. I don't have a system but I do have a lot of gear....
    First I bought one of the chrome self systems that wheel around the garage. Mounted cheap Rapala rod rack on top and rods lay across the top about 7' off the ground in the garage. Other shelves store bags, boxes, etc.

    Another useful item I found d was the kitchen rolling table with stainless top and wine rack below. Wine rack holds rod tubes and drawers hold smaller items and the top is full of crap.

    Also a 4 drawer file cabinet has reels, lines etc.

    My pram always has two or three road in it ready to fish, along with net, stillwater flies and gear bag.

    Good luck Gary!
  13. I endorse this method, Its a lot easier to hide the new additions from the wife when they are all out in plain sight...
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  14. Her shoe closet is in full viewing but somehow I never notice until 4 months later, and sometimes i simply don't notice, until a new shoe rack is added to accomadate the ever growing foot wear...WTF!!... My closet space is constantly shrinking. :eek: So glad I don't share my desk/dresser in the garage with her...;) And I don't think she pokes around either counting reel boxes and all the different colored fly lines which she is very well aware that they cost a few pennies but nothing compared to some of the remote italian mountain village produced leather shoes she purchases. :eek:
  15. Put an empty large planter pot in the corner and stand your rods in the tubes inside. Salt trip, rinse and let the rod air dry standing inside, the pot is built to catch water. Under bed storage? Bins for reels, trout in one, salmon/steelhead in another. Rods in order by two handers, switches and singles. Sub divide by graphite, glass and grass. I've got the 3G's covered except for the two hander in glass. Under a cabinet would work, under or over a work bench area. Inside the ceiling tiles atop the support grid. Holy crap there are so many places to hide your excessive fly rod habits.

    Whoops, did I say hide? I meant store!
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  16. when in use, i store my rods in a db dunn rod case


    when they are not in use, the original aluminum rod tube seems to work just fine

    all my rods are stored in a bedroom closet out of the way of any accidents

    reels go in a reel case

  17. In a closet, out of sight. Unless you also like buying jewelry, drapes, carpet and women's shoes.
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  18. I highly recommend ditching the girlfriend. Not only will you clear up space with all her shoes and clothes gone, but u will no longer have someone to compete for your attention when the winter steel is whispering your name and the rivers are on the drop
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  19. fly box\'s 008.jpg fly box\'s 010.jpg

    I have my reels taken care of in a glass case in the living room but, could sure use a rod - tube - rack - holder,for a bunch of fly and gear rods.
  20. Go to Ikea and buy two sets of shelves. Put them side by side against a wall leaving 12"-18" of space between them. Stand your rod tubes in that space. Always store your rods with the cap removed to allow moisture to escape. Put the caps on a shelf. Put your reels on a shelf (or two). Fill the rest of the shelves with your fishing related books. Lay one stack of books on their sides. If you don't have enough books to fill the shelves consider it a void in your life and get more. Being a bamboo guy and having to ensure my rods are stored dry, whenever I come home from fishing I put the rods I have used that day on top of the shelves to dry for as long as it takes. Use the stacked pile to hang your moist rod sock by slipping the end between two books in the stack.


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