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  1. For rods, you might check at an office supply store for a roll file used to store rolled up blueprints. Most of them that I have seen are cardboard, but something like this (at Amazon) would be a bit more durable and would give you more usable space for a box of reels, etc., provided you don't fill up all 20 spots with rods. We have something like this in our office for rolled up plans and I always thought it would make a great way to store my rods.


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  2. I use those square Abel expedition rod cases; they take up to 8 rods each; Abel discontinued them, but another company called "Steve Abel" is going to come out with them again, soon, I heard from Steve Abel himself at a recent flyfishing show in Pleasanton. I will be buying more - I want a bright orange one that I can keep better track of than the gray ones. When Abel made them, they were ~$120-150.
  3. Penn 109 Tim?
  4. Combine Bass Turd & Tim Cottage ideas, in that order. Everything else will fall into place. Find a week end only girl friend. :)
  5. Tier 1: A roll top desk in my home office for fly tying supplies mostly, but the fishing packs "currently in use" get tossed there as well.

    Tier 2: One of two storage closets in the basement. I put one of those plastic 4-shelf kits from HD in there and stack boxes of gear, reels, lines, fly boxes, various fishing bags and accessories on it, and fly rods standing in boxes leaning against the wall. The shelf is not as wide as the closet, so a dozen or so rods are stored here easily.

    Tier 3: Under the stairs storage area in the basement store room. Another plastic 4-shelf system here for large fishing bag with waders, socks, fleece wading pants, fishing gloves, etc., along with a box of salmon fishing gear. Off the end of this shelf are rod tubes for cane rods.

    Tier 4: Along the west wall of the garage is a set of shelves I made from 1x12. More waders, X-tra Tough boots, wading boots, clam digging paraphenalia, box of reels and conventional gear stuff, box of line. On either end of the shelf is a bucket, fly rods on the left and gear rods on the right.

    Tier 5: Garage attic, all along one 12' wall are rods used less often leaning against the wall, along with rod parts, repair, and general foolin' around materials.

    Tier 6: Other places I've probably forgotten about.
  6. Yup, with a larger handle. Bought that outfit in '84 after all my gear burned up in the arson fire at the Boathouse!

    Good eyes, Brian! ;)
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