Roses Lake, Manson, WA (Near Lake Chelan)

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  1. My wife and I took the kids to Chelan for spring break and I got away to fish for a day! Roses Lake is open year-round and is a popular ice fishing lake. When I fished the lake on April 9th, I was told that the ice had been off the lake for about 2 weeks.

    Having never fished the lake before I was going off information from fellow fly club member and the little I had gathered from a fly fisherman a day earlier.

    The lake is 130 acres and I’m told the maximum depth is 40 feet. There is a proper boat ramp with a floating dock (Discouvery Pass Required) and a large parking area.

    I rowed and fished my way to the South end of the lake (shallow end) and had several fish grab a variety of flies during this troll. Unfortunatly, none stayed on long enough to get them to the boat. (Streamers, buggers, leaches) Once to the south end I settled in fairly close to shore in approximatly 14 feet of water, where I saw several swallows eating the chironomids that were coming off the lake. I set up a chironomid rig and started to hook fish quickly on chromie patterns

    First fish was a large 12″ yellow perch, then a few 14″ rainbow trout, another perch and a couple larger rainbows. 8 or so rainbows total and 2 perch for the day. My largest trout was approximatly 16 inches and they all were full of energy - a nice day on the water.

    I had a glimmer of hope to catch a Tiger Trout or Brown trout, but no luck. The state record Tiger was landed in Roses Lk. in April 2012! The fisherman was targeting bass when he landed this large trout.

    One curious catch, pictured below, was a trout with NO spots. ? (poor photo of this fish)

    If you’re in Chelan and and looking for a fun fishery that is easy to access, Roses is a good option.

    Roses Lake 2013.jpg IMGP8723.JPG
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  2. Thanks for the report Jeff. I have a short trip to Chelan planned next month. I'll have to give Roses a try.
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  3. Great report Jeff, thanks for sharing. That trout looks a lot like some of the planters back in Ca. Not sure why but many of them had little or no spots.
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  4. Patrick,
    Another smaller lake that I fished is Antilon. Little further up in elevation, little secluded but known, when I fished it for browns.
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  5. Fished that lake years ago when it had a December 1st opener. Bad ass cold but decent fish back then.
  6. December opener must have been to accomodate ice fishing soon to follow?:confused:
  7. A friend fished Antilon last week. He had good luck on small browns and one BIG brown! Also, if you want some action for crappie and bass, don't overlook Dry Lake! It's nice having all these lakes within spitting distance of one another!
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  8. Gregg:

    That was the purpose. You could get lucky and it may or may not be ice free on the first.
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  9. Fished this lake quite a few years back in the fall with good success. I was very surprised at the unusually good fighting ability of the trout that I caught. I really hadn't experienced this kind of fight since catching kamloops fish or maybe early strains of Henry's Fork fish before the big kill.

    After chatting with another fisherman who was a local Doctor he confirmed my suspicions that these were trout that came from Canada, perhaps Gerard strain bows. I realize this is a stretch and did not do the research. Hell, didn't have a computer at that time.

    Maybe a Manson, Chelan, Wenatchee, guy could give us more details.
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  10. My trip to Chelan is this weekend it turns out. My wife has a conference, but I'll have Sat free. I'll have the 9 year old with me. With her in the boat we'll be trolling for trout or maybe casting for Bass and Panfish. My guess is that Antillion would give us the chance and the biggest fish, but Roses will have the most variety and largest numbers. I've read Jeff's report, but I'd appreciate some more tips.
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  11. Roses is a good lake for variety, but last week pan fishing at Dry Lake was the ticket for us! There are also some nice perch and crappie in Antilon to go with the browns. Target near the weed beds and cat tails
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  12. Don't rule out the Kokanee in Lake Chelan if you can get down to about 50 feet!
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  13. Maybe sometime is the future. My wife grew up on a Kokanee lake (Stevens) so I hope to get her dad or uncle to give me a crash course one of these years.
  14. kokanee on a fly are tough. Lots of times they are simply to deep.
  15. The luckiest critter in the world is one with their 9 yr old in the boat with them.
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  16. We got to Chelan at 4:30, ate and the kid and I headed to Roses. She didn't want to use the boat so we fished from shore. I saw a couple of Perch on the reeds, but otherwise a skunking. We then scouted Wapato, Dry and Antilon. The last looked interesting and we'll try it and Roses in the boat tomorrow. We've got fly rods with three types of lines plus spinning rods so our odds are good. (The girl is convinced that we'll catch bows, browns, tigers, bass, gills and perch.)
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  17. Awesome Patrick! I am interested in how Antilon fishes in the spring. The day I fished it in the Fall there were still lots of aquatic weeds near the boat launch shallows and the visibility was very good.

    Best of luck
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  18. Woke up to whitecaps rolling down Chelan. I guess we'll head up there and see if it's a little more sheltered.
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  19. Antilon was a bit of wind tunnel, and we decided not to try it. What a nice place, I'll definitely go again.

    Roses was white capping, but we got out long enough for my daughter to get a feisty 14" bow on a olive ruby eye leech. The trip back up the lake with water spraying into the Zodiac was not comfortable, but fun for the kid.
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  20. Patrick
    Bummer! Sorry to hear the wind changed your plans, but glad your daughter had fun on the splash mountain- like boat ride.

    I hope to make a trip over to this area in the fall, so if schedules align, maybe we fish Antillon together.


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