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  1. I am a catch and release fly fisherman and I am looking for information on the tributaries of Ross Lake. Does anybody have any info on fishing the tribs of Ross Lake in the Northern Cascades. I have heard there is some good fly fishing there.. thanks, Glen...

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  2. I am not sure ,but I think that is a seasonal lake!! you can go to the wdfw,check the regs, cascade river I beleive is open!!good luck!!
  3. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Well since there is no real access to Ross lake in Washington and to fish the tribs you would need to use a boat to get around on the lake and to get a boat on Ross lake you have to go thru Canada. There is another way but it involves a lot of hiking. There is a trail head at the mouth of Ruby Creek that will take you up the East side of the lake as far as Desolation Peak. There are a few camp grounds on the lake but you need a boat to access them. There is a resort on Ross lake but you have to hike to it also. There is no place to drive to on that lake that I know of. Who knows maybe they rent boats.

    And no the Cascade river is not a trib of Ross lake but it is still open.


    Edit: I just read the regs and a few tribs of the tribs are closed and all of them are closed one mile from their mouths. Except the ones mentioned. So if you decied to go good hiking and the season on the lake is July 1st to Oct 31st.
  4. Spent two days camping and flyfishing Ross Lake via kayak. Had to work way too hard for the fish I caught. Many of the tributaries are rocky streams which step down from the hills and aren't too big. The tributary estuaries and the lower sections of the tributaries are closed to fishing to protect spawning areas. Saw numerous trout in the closed estuary section of one tributary which I kayaked.

    I didn't explore Big Beaver Creek but have read magazine stories of people who have done well by packing float tubes into the ponds. There is a campsite at the mouth of the creek.

    The upper Skagit river, which flows into Ross Lake via Canada, is supposed to be outstanding fishing. You have to drive up to Canada and then double back via a road at the far end of the lake.
  5. My sons Boy Scout troop will be spending a week conoeing on Ross lack and I am considering going with them (mostly, if the fishing is any good). We are going in Aug. out of Canada. What should I expect? I am hoping to teach a merit badge:pROFESSOR (new for scouts) on the trip.

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    hey i was up there laborday weekend and the only access is via boat/kayak. big beaver creek and the ponds have some good fishing. got to do some hiking tho. ross lake resort is the liason so to speak for ross lake as they are the only people that are there year around. the owners up there will definitely clue you into whats going on up there. lotta 10 to 12 inchers. you can rent a boat or kayak for the day or by the hour, if you plan on stayin overnight in the statepark you need a back country permit that you get in marblemount i think. the flyfishing i guess would be slow , i think most people troll from little boats up there, not much open river. hope it helps ! - bhudda :COOK

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