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  1. Looks like Ross is going to be under new ownership after the new year.
    Personally I think this will be a good thing for the Ross brand. I've always been a fan of their older reels such as the Gunnisons, Canyons etc. Not much of a fan of their latest offerings.
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  2. WOW!

    Looks like the reel manufacturing/marketing field is heating up.
    Sage talks about their reels being world class, and now Ross is bought up by a highly recognized reel manufacture.

    I have mostly Hardy reels, but they are from the '70s or 80's. That said, I have been mildly interested in the MacKenzie and Rogue reels, made by Bauer.
  3. Becoming hard to know who is who within the fishing industry...lots of mergers in the last few years. Ross has such a long history and following, cannot imagine them doing the product line harm.
  4. Thanks for posting. Boy, Ross and Orvis didn't last too long together, but looks like they were picked up by a pretty good company. All my reels are Ross (mostly Gunnisons and one Evolution). As with you Stonefish, I am not a fan of their latest offerings and was going to jump ship for my next reel purchase. It will be interesting to see if they bring back the Gunnison and what new offerings they come up with.
  5. Gunnison, Cimarron, and Colorado are awesome reels. Newer stuff not so awesome (IMHO)
  6. I love my gunnison,s I concur that the new rods are Rosie odonell ugly
  7. Reels I meant
  8. If you like the older Ross Reels, check out my Canyon Big Game for sell in the classified section.
  9. False.
  10. Not false, my opinion, hence IMHO. And my opinion will remained unchanged.
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  11. I guess you could say I'm a Ross fan, owning Colorado, Gunnison, and Cimmaron reels. But I also like my one Orvis Mid Arbor...

    I think Orvis had too many competing lines of reels.
  12. This certainly can't hurt. I do like my Cimmaron that's been dropped, scuffed, bent, and still works very well (this was also my first non-Medalist fly reel---still fish those Medalists quite a bit because they're just too damn dependable). I also had a Colorado which was fine, as long as you didn't get it wet, or it would free-spin...not good. This is fishing, fish live in water, your gear gets wet. I had a Vexsis and hated it right out of the box (tolerances weren't what I would have expected for that price and drag left something to be desired), also had a Momentum that was used for tuna and between the three or four of us who bought one, one of my buddies had his seize up on the first fish...not impressed. Hopefully they'll keep the CLA around, a great workman-like reel.
  13. .

    Agreed about the tolerances and the drag. I was a loyal Ross customer for many years, but I've been disappointed with the newer offerings. A few years ago I needed to pick up a reel on short notice for a new 4 wt set-up. I really just wanted an original evolution reel to replace a stolen reel, but the local fly shop only had the new Vexsis reels so I purchased one of those. The first time I stripped fly line off the spool on the river I shredded the line like a cheese grater due to a burr on the frame that I didn't notice in the fly shop. It was due to a gap between the frame and the spool that should have been much tighter. I had to file that down to prevent from ruining more lines. Then the drag failed within a year. Being an Evolution fan, I picked up a new gen 2 evo when they came out and had it literally fall apart on me. The drag failed, the spool fell of the frame, and drag parts went flying. Luckily, I was on my boat and was able to collect the parts. Granted, it was a very hot coho, but I was shocked to say the least. My experience is that the original evolution reels were the last high quality reels they produced.
  14. My Gunnison takes one hell of a lick'n and keeps on tick'n.

    Best reel I've ever owned and evidently, ever will. Good thing I have a number of the reels because Ross, in their weird sense of wisdom, decided to stop building them.


    I don't know what effect a new company will have on the quality of Ross Reels but I do know the original company should never, ever stopped offering the Gunnison as it was.
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  15. I would love to see the old Ross reels come back, especially the San Miguel. Their earliest product line was really a kind of gold standard for reliability and durability for many years. The Canyon reels too have been very good. But of all of them so far, I just love that sweet little San Miguel reel. Mine has had easily over 1000 days of service, without a single hitch. Many of us had begged them to avoid the "space age" trend and focus on strength and reliability first. I don't think that all of the newer models lived up to that. They say that "Pretty is as pretty does." Sometimes it works that way. If they come up with a good steelhead and salmon spey reel, I will use it.
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  16. Cool. Hope the classics are coming back.
  17. +1 on the San Miguel and it's ventilated Vision cousin. Those are my favorite reels of all time, and I hope Abel-Ross-Mayfly bring them back.
  18. Gunnison and then Cimmaron baby!
    I own nothing else
  19. I have a Vexsis on my 3 weight that probably gets used more than any of my other kits. The drag started to feel rough in its third year so I sent it in for repair at no charge (I paid shipping one way) back in the spring. It came back in a week and it's been flawless since, but I'm not going to discount others' observations and problems. One of my Cimarron spools' drag pins had a problem. Ross had me send the frame and all 3 spools to refurbish them all at no charge a few years ago. They came back in a week and have been trouble-free since.

    My last reel was a Lamson Speedster that was the best fit for a new beach rod but I've been greatly pleased with Ross Customer Service. I would buy Ross again and truly hope Ross thrives, and their Service remains at the top of the heap.
  20. The selection of Ross reels has changed some over the years but they remain solid, quality, mid-priced reels. I have numerous and all are good. The latest inexpensive reels like the flystart and flywater are not as good and some of the smaller sizes have different drags but the CLA size 4 and above remain highly valued because of their durability. I have several Big Games in different sizes and Momentums in 5,6, and 8. They are all solid reels, well made and durable so to say they are not good quality except for the Gunnison (I own 9) and Cimaron entries is not a valid statrment IMHO.

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