Ross Reels

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    The selection of Ross reels has changed some over the years but they remain solid, quality, mid-priced reels. I have numerous and all are good. The latest inexpensive reels like the flystart and flywater are not as good and some of the smaller sizes have different drags but the CLA size 4 and above remain highly valued because of their durability. I have several Big Games in different sizes and Momentums in 5,6, and 8. They are all solid reels, well made and durable so to say they are not good quality except for the Gunnison (I own 9) and Cimaron entries is not a valid statrment IMHO.
  2. Skysoldier Trout Hunter

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    I would add the original Canyon to the list otherwise I agree regarding the newer stuff.
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    Yes to the canyon, and a couple others already mentioned. I still regret selling my gunnison 3. I have a pre-98 cimarron 3 in matte, w/non-ported frame. Its simplicity is its elegance :).
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    I have a Cimarron and two Colorado reels. I think the latter are quite possibly the best reel value around. Too bad they were discontinued. Many Colorado users have had issues with the spring, but it can be tweaked to perfection.