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    I have to replace my running line and type six shooting head. Here are my questions. In your opinion which type of line is better, a "regular" running line (which is what I had) or braided mono? Why in your opinion is one better than the other? I lost my entire rig to a big B run steelhead on the Clearwater April and need to replace ASAP so I can get back after it this fall. Thank you for any input in helping me make this decision. Tight Lines
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    Better knots will prevent a lost rig.

    I use a "regular" running line. The braided mono has two bad issues. It holds water and freezes. Kinda makes for a bad cast. It also is like a bandsaw when a big fish runs. Keep your fingers away.
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    I prefer Ridge running line, what it gives up in a little distance it gives back in being a little bit more to grip when my hands are winter numb.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, but one of the real good reasons to use tippet that is lighter weight then the rest of your outfit, is so you can just tighten the drag, clamp down, and put the wood to a big fish on the run - you'll either turn him, or break off at the tippet/fly.
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    Just buy Amnesia