S. Fork Snoq this afternoon

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  1. I hit the upper section around 2:00 this afternoon. A decent mayfly hatch about 2:45-3:00 but nothing rising and nothing striking dries or nymphs. I worked my way up river and found a spot that looked good. Noticed a few fish rising to some very small (gnats?) but couldn't get a thing. I got ready to head back to the truck and decided I'd throw the EHC on and drop a red bead-headed midge behind it and got one of them to take the EHC about 4:45. Good day :)

  2. Very nice
  3. Signs of summer to come!

  4. Way to be persistent and not let them push you around! I'm gonna snoop around somewhere up there tomorrow for a little while. Thanks for the report...
  5. Look's like you had a much better day then I did.
  6. I was looking at the flows today...only about 200 more cfs then it will be dynamite out there!
  7. Hi, Can you guys direct me to a good spots to park the car and wade the Upper South Fork? I don't mind hiking to wading. Looking for some good spots that I can hit after work that are close to town.
  8. Denny creek, exit 42 and 45. Ollalie State park. There is a forest service road that parallels the sf from exit 42 to 45 that lends easy access to the entire stretch.
  9. There are a few in North Bend, But you have to look on a map to find them.
  10. Almost the same series of events and times of occurrence for me today too. I got an itty bitty one on a prince nymph mid-afternoon then broke out the EHC just before going home. Got one decent fish and missed another. I also lost a small green foam fly box if anyone happens to find one between Exits 38 & 42. :(
  11. Obviously the South Fork is open now? Sorry, I thought only the MF.
  12. I look forward to getting out there soon!
  13. Yes it is open now. Year round catch and release. The dates mentioned in the regulations are regarding catch and keep.
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  14. The forks of the sno are open for C&R year round. The SF and the NF open for harvest next month I do believe.


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  15. The Fishing Guide is rather confusing for the Snoqualmie Forks. So if I understand correctly the 3 forks above the falls are open year around for C&R?
  16. Correct.
  17. The catch and keep portion of the season, which in my opinion is idiotic, runs from the first Saturday in June until October 31st. If you look at the regulations you will see that it states "For all game fish" November 1st through the Friday before the first Saturday in June is catch and release.
  18. The regs remind me of the old adage: "A camel is a horse designed by a committee."

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  19. Yea certain portions of the state guide are written rather convoluted, certainly not plain english. The Sno and it forks could certainly be written a little better
  20. It seems a 4wt would do fine on the Sno Forks for trout? I have an 486-4 for close tight casting. What rod does everyone use on the Sno Forks for trout?

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