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  1. Man I thought this was a blog spot that fly-fishers use to inform/brag to others about their exploits out on the river(s). Maybe I was mistaken because that would be too helpful for others out there in fly land. Anyway I just thought it weird that nobody is posting anything about this pink run. I have always been under the impression that these runs are a great way to invite non-fly-fishers into the sport because they are actually able to catch fish using a fly rod. Once again I had the opportunity to be in the presence of some newbies and see their enthusiasm as they practiced their casting and were able to catch their first fish of size on a fly. I also have had a few banner days - one 24 fish day and another 23 day! Can't say that about any other species that swim in our waters. I always find it interesting that these pinks take different colors than what is broadcasted for them to be eating, having said that - pink doesn't always work to well...nuff said on that. I have posted big catches like this before and been called a "snagger" so before you start accusing me - I will say that I didn't count the foul-hookers in my count, it is hard to not get a few in the "hump" but that's fishing I suppose. I also will say as I said to one old man who observed me at the river and wondered if I was using some technique as he said "using a treble hook" - that all my fish were hooked cleanly in the mouth or in the hinge of the jaw. He "the old man" said - " everytime I looked downriver you had a fish on", when I asked him how many he'd caught he replied "one early this morning". I reached into my fly box and produced one of my flies for him to have - hopefully his catching percentage increased from then on. Well I just had to share, hopefully you all will post your catches and revel in this jewel of a run that we have to fish for now.
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  2. I've been wondering about this: Since salmon don't feed once they're running for the spawn, how do you entice them to take the fly? I saw hundreds yesterday well up the Green but none were interested in anything I was throwing...
  3. Somebody lied to you about salmon feeding.

    Globs of eggs, sandshrimp, or a spinner/spoon and they will inhale all these lures. Seems the fly would work the same.
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  4. I find the pinks impossible not to catch lately when trying to find Coho. They hit everything, it almost gets old if it weren't so fun.
  5. They certainly take all kinds of things but they are technically not feeding, in the sense that they are getting nutritional value out what they are feeding on.

    Catching pinks are fun in my book, in part because they only return every other year. If it was every year, the novelty might not be as high.
  6. " I saw hundreds yesterday well up the Green but none were interested in anything I was throwing..."

    I had the same experience on the Green yesterday. I did have one on for about two seconds. It was the classic - hey, I think I'm snagged. Nope, that's a fish. Well, it was a fish. Amazing how two seconds of "fish on" will result in another hour or so of fruitless casting. Didn't see the gear guys catch anything either.

    JB - maybe you can post your secret flies that actually do work. Fishing for pinks is a limited time offer, so it's not as if we're going to deplete the supply by posting useful information now.
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  7. I am a pretty firm believer that colored up pinks dont really bite, if at all. They are very easy to floss, which is essentially snagged in the mouth, and it accounts for why you snagged a "few" in the hump. I used to floss all kinds of salmon on the snoho by the 522 bridge. Cast some yarn snelled to a hook with some lead above a swivel cast out, drift, tick tick tick, stop, set the hook. Since coho were fairly bright and dont really have a hump in that spot we didnt foul hook many of those, but I'm sure the when I was a kid all my coho in the river were flossed. when theyre stacked up like cordwood its hard to drift a fly by them without having your line lazily drift into their mouth and guess where they fly ends up? the jaw hinge
  8. Why don't you post where, how, and when? Fly colors, line, etc.? If this is all about helping others out in fly land, that information would be very helpful.
  9. I will revel in the fact that most of them are in the rivers and the beach crowds have dwindled mightily
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  10. My record for S humpies is 21 casts for 21 fish. Har har.

    Humpies definitely actively chase anything pink that is jigged. They will greatly upset their position in the river to come over and check out and bite your lure.

    They will come over into 3 feet of gin clear (well ok, as clear as water can get on an S river) and grab at your lure. Really cool to watch. They will slap it with their tail then belly roll back around to grab it with multiple fish fighting to take it.
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  11. I'm tired of humpies. Last time out I tried to make it interesting by bringing jigs tied with random household shit. Catching fish on a jig made of a rubber band and a twist tie didn't add much to the game.
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  12. They will even hit a sparkplug with a treble hook attached on it if you jig it just right....
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  13. Is that on the redds themselves because I could see territorial strikes as you described from spawning males.
    I always remember rivers with guys packed elbow to elbow throwing all sorts of lures with no luck, then someone would dial in the spot with the typical yarn rig and start hitting them every cast. but I haven't tried for humpies in a river in forever it seems like. Plus, I suck at remembering
  14. Pat Lat

    Since you admit you dont have a good memory, i am gonna share some info.
    Please dont fish the redds, its not a good thing, if wading, stay off the redds and walk the bank when possible. The fishing for pinks can be a blast if you dont follow the cars and take some time to find your own place. You may already know about the redds, but when you questioned if someone was fishing them , i thought you may have done the same.
  15. No, these fish aren't bedding yet. The fish that strike like I am describing are on their way upriver.

    The sky is a constant stream of incoming humpies about 6 feet wide on each side of the river. This is most likely starting to taper off about now.

    They aren't territorial strikes, they actively move over to the lure and take it as they would a shrimp, squid or perhaps small fish in the ocean.
  16. This secret pattern can be tied on a jig or fly. Tail is one red rubber band doubled over and the tag end of a red twist tie. Body is red twist tie. Red or pink duct tape can be substituted for the twist tie.

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  17. Humpies are funny. It seems like you can find the perfect spot and just yard 'em in all day, but then 10 yards downstream and nothing, even when you know the fish are there. Next day in the money spot and nothing. Makes you feel like an idiot some days, especially when there's someone else around that's catching so many they're bored. I've been humbled by the noble humpy enough times to not take them for granted as easy. When there's that many in the river and their brains aren't that much different from one another and you make a successful presentation, it's pretty easy to keep getting the same results cast after cast.
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  18. nope, no redd fishing for me. I was just curious because I just never saw colored up pinks in the river take any interest in lures, the only method that consistently produced humpies was flossing. Being that I don't want to fish over redding salmon, I was wondering if that was where someone saw humpies aggressively attacking lures near their redds, which would make sense. And being that they dont need quite the pristine environment that some of the other species do, it may be easy to find redding pinks lower in the river.
    Again I dont really care because I stay out of the river when humpies are in now. When I tried on a fly rod in the green the last run I couldn't make a drift without snagging or flossing one and that was boring.
  19. surface flies sound like they would be fun, then the only snagging will be in the trees. You talking ska-oppers and whatnot, or more of a waking faction vs popping?
  20. I went out on friday and i caught 13 pinks on the nisqually and i was able to get out for about an hour today and caught 4. I will post up a fly when i get home from work. this has been the ticket. Lately i have been swinging my fly and allowing it to get into the pool at the end of my swing, let out about 10 feet of line and do the 6 inch pull with a little pause after a few strips, they will usually take it on the first strip after the pause.

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