S. Sound?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Woollyworm, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. Checking in again. Anyone gettin' any resident silvers in the S. Sound yet?

    good fishin
  2. just got back from blackmouth fishing in manchester, and there was smolts all over the shoreline, I dont know if the rains washed them down premature or what but they were pretty thick about 1 1/2 inches long. didn't have my fly rod but was probly a good day for it. all morning there was breaks in the surface in front of fuel depot, in where resident silvers are supposed to be thick later in the season. Ben
  3. WoolyWorm,

    I took my boat out today just to get back on the water since my surgery several months ago. Launced at 1230 to catch the change to flood. Stayed out for 3-hours. Ran around the South Sound a bit just to get back into handling the boat and letting the Merc feel its oats after being layed up. Blind casted to several of my favorite shorelines using a Clouser hoping for a few Silvers. Took one 14-incher off of Fox Island just North of Point Gibson. Never saw much in the way of birds working the surface or feeding activity on the surface; never saw much baitfish activity on the fish finder, either. All in all, a great first day back out on the water.

    I think tomorrow I'll get serious about finding some fish.

  4. Tom I live on Hamersley Inlet. We characteristicly have silvers, cutts, and blackmouth to fish in the later part of March. I fish the gravel bars on a fast tide.

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