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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Don Barton, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. I'll make this short. I have cared about Kaufmanns because they got me started in fly fishing.

    I was in the Seattle store on Wednesday April 13. I learned that Lance would be in town Thursday. Last night at my fly club meeting I spoke to an ex Kaufmann employee. He told me both the Seattle store and the Tigard store closed as of this Monday (or maybe Friday). I called both stores and the mail order number listed on their web page. No answer and no recorded message after more than ten rings at each of the three numbers.

    Sadly I think this chapter of Northwest fly fishing history has finally succumbed to a slow and painful death.
  2. I'll withhold comment until I know for sure. Too many rumors swirl around this and other flyfishing companies going under.
  3. Kaufmann's has been a major player for many years. It's surprising this could happen.

  4. Wont be sad to see them go... Never did like that place the two or three times I went in. A friend had similar experience and he spent a lot of money, so it wasnt just that.
  5. Well that's a great attitude. How about the folks that worked there? Piss on them, too?

    I had never been in a Kaufmann Streamborn fly shop before until about 10 days ago. I was in the area for the weekend, so I stopped by the Tigard store. The staff was friendly and helpful. I have no complaints. It is a shame to see an Icon of NW flyfishing go under due to the lousy economy.
  6. balls. I have $150 gift cert from that place that I haven't used.
  7. How long have you been fishing? Only up here? As someone who moved here 11 or 12 years ago, I can assure you that in say the 90s, there was stuff you could ONLY get from Kaufmann's. And I guided on the Lower Sac, and basically spent my off hours shootin' the scat at The Fly Shop, which many considered the premier shop at the time on the west coast. I knew better because I had to go to Kaufmann's for so much:rofl::rofl: Kaufmann's was the magic doorway to all things steelhead you couldn't get easily anywhere else. Going to the Tigard store was always something I did on trips north. You name the shop, and you can find stories of "I was ignored" "I was mistreated". Hell I couldn't stand Sparky. Didn't change my feeling on the shop.
  8. I learned to flyfish at Kaufmann's house in Maupin more than thirty years ago. The guys were great. I fished with Bob Aid out of the Seattle store and several of the Portland employees over the years. Sad to see them go but hopefully their internet business will re-emerge sometime in the future. Randall is an officiando of fine flies and they carried great stuff for years. Their catalog was great bedside reading. I never felt mistreated in any of the three shops. I am sad to see them gone.
  9. Sorry to see it happen at any time but it happen's for who knows what reasons. They were my home shop at the Tigard store as I was out south of them in Newberg for 12 years and really had no other to shop at and none I tried anywhere were near as good. I hadn't been in a k'man's shop since we moved to the south sound area in fall of 06 and never in the shops that were around Seattle. I have ordered things from the Tigard shop by phone once in a while, It's the guys from the shop that I worry about and I knew Randall to talk to as well as some of the others. I haven't felt that I buy enough the last few years to call another shop home. I just hope the others all found good shops to use their skills. Good luck to all and Happy Fishin!!
  10. Wow! If true, this is the passing of a great Pacific Northwest fly fishing institution. Even though I've only shopped at the old Bellevue store once, this is sad for all flyfishers.
  11. yeppers, randall behind the counter at the small hole in the wall on 99w joined by george, john, gordon, rod, jerry and randy, all great welcoming folks. then they moved across from the transit stop and after a few years, lance took the reins, while randall stepped back, with bigger and better ideas. slowly, the old guard left and were replaced with new faces who couldn't remember your name. once the business model shifted away from a place to chat it up and pick up some hard to find items, i stopped frequenting the joint, one retail outlet is no better than the next. but, i did find river city, a funky overstuffed place with a couple of duffers who can't remember their own names much less the customers, but they have virtually anything you could dream of for fly tying. but here i am in sequim with one of the premier shops anywhere right here in PA, waters west is a real class act. i do miss the 'old kaufmans' as well as the shop dave mcneese used to operate, but time marches on and shit happens.
  12. Sorry to see them go. I remember ordering stuff over the phone from them and they were always great. Oh well, life goes on.

    I remember I started ordering from Kaufmann because Buz Buszek went out of business. I remember stopping in the "garage" that Buz had the shop.

    You don't know what you have until its gone.
  13. So has this been confirmed yet?

    I was in the store 3 times in the last month or two..... Nothing seemed odd, not like I would notice it, but you know! Usually if something like this was coming, it would take some time in the making. Not to mention a lot more sale racks to start of loading merch....

    Said to see any business fail, regardless of the economic times! Hope this is not true!
  14. RIP Kmann's...When I worked downtown, I became known as "Lunchtime Bob" since I would frequently visit Kmanns during lunch and talk to Kevin, Bob Aide, Blake and Bob Sr. When they had a location in Bellevue, it was convenient when I worked in Redmond to drop by and talk to Ryan and then eat at the Chinese place down the parking lot. They were a good crew and its too bad that they have become victims of this economy.

    A small spill of PBR on the ground is appropriate for the fallen Kmann's crew.
  15. It is true and has been some time in the making.
  16. I recall in an earlier thread that the main cause of the problem at Kman was the unfriendly disbanding of the relationship between Randall and Lance. Randall left the company entirely, but somehow in the spilt this left the business poorly capitalized, which is where the bad economy finished them off.
  17. I'll join in with the "sad to see them go" chorus. I got a lot of materials, support, and good advice there over the years.
  18. Word. Barring yet another impassioned post by Jacob insisting that Kaufmann's really isn't closing, it sounds like rumors of their demise have finally proved true.

  19. LOL, I bought a lot of stuff from Kaufmann's because of Sparky. He treated myself and some others from Skagit well. Brought rods and reels up for us to play with on a couple of occaisions. Of course he got to fish the Skagit with us and perhaps learn a few good spots for his guiding. Good kid, but I can see where he might rub a few wrong.

    To bad Kaufmann's is gone.
  20. You guys are worse than a bunch of old ladies at a hair salon.

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