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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Don Barton, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Very Sad, many of my early teachers were Kaufmann employee's and alot of my ol friends cut their flyfishing teeth at the different stores......R.I.P.
  2. This post is just like when someone who everyone thinks is an asshole finally kicks the bucket, everyone all of a sudden has the fondest memories of the guy. Maybe if they hadn't alienated so many potential customers over the years, they'd still be in business today. Lance always came across as a pretentious prick whenever I crossed paths with him. The only other shop I've ever been completed ignored in was Silver Creek Outfitters and I chose not to spend money any there either. The days of catering to customers who are taking up fly fishing for the same reasons they took up golf are long gone and those who don't adapt will end up the same as Kaufmann's.
  3. Hate to see things unfold the way it appears it is happening; for so long Kaufmann's was the standard by which I measured other fly shops. I truly hope it works out for all involved. I remember my first guided trip to Montana, and the guide asking me about Kaufmann's and telling me how cool a shop it was and how lucky we were to have it. I agreed.

    I patronized other local shops, but I knew that if I wanted a certain color of dubbing or marabou, and wanted to ensure it would be quality, that if any local shop would have it, Kaufmann's would have it. I wasn't stung financially by the Kaufmann's bankruptcy and closing, but there is a void for me and I have fond memories of my relationship with the company and their sales people over the years.
  4. Nope, you are the prick. Maybe that is why you are ignored at Silver Creek and elsewhere.
  5. I have been going to kaufmans in portland for over 35 hrs. always liked Lance and most all employees, especially Randy. Never cared much for Lance....he seemed stuck up.
  6. So did you like Lance, or was he stuck up? I'm confused.
  7. Wow. I take it you have a history with Alpine? Or is this a case where the lack of a "sarcasm font" in computing causes the message to be misinterpreted? :)
  8. Silver Creek may not be my favorite shop in Ketchum, but I've never had this problem nor do I know anyone else who has. It's a good shop.
  9. Awww, I'm hurt... but not bankrupt like Lance!
  10. It wasn't the main shop in Ketchum, it was the smaller one at Sun Valley. The guy behind the counter literally didn't even look up and there was no one else in the shop.
  11. its okay. ive seen aplinetrout cast. he is absolutely f*cking brutal! and he is a prick as well.
  12. Where was that?
  13. help the victims

    Perhaps more useful than the personality judgements:

    If anyone knows the whereabouts of Lance since the date of the "bankruptcy", it might help to post it here so the victims can contact authorities as appropriate.
  14. help the victims

    I'd rather we get back to the personality judgements!
  15. help the victims

    I'm probably at least partially to blame for local shops closing. :eek:

    The last time I went into the Kaufmann's Seattle store was over a year ago, and that was just to get some last minute tippetts for a trip. The stock was low, the attitude surly.

    The interweb has doomed mom-and-pop commerce, and greed has doomed any sense of community.

    Welcome to the new economy.

    Give it five years, and y'all gonna be bitchin' about not being able to get gas, or food, or water.

    Sure, it's a bummer for another shop to go down, and we're all interested and vested in it because it directly connects to our avocation (fly fishing), and it sucks if it turns out they knowingly ripped people off, but PLEASE!

    Man up, and tie your own flies. Build your own rods. Step back a thousand years (a blink of time), and deal with it.

    This ain't nothin' more than a drop in the barrel, and there's a storm coming.

    Still kinda sucks, though.
  16. have not been to that orvis shop in 20 years but it sounds like nothing has changed :)
  17. help the victims

    I like the way your roll (or slither) snake!
  18. Copy and pasted from another site, sorry to all that are out money, hope this helps.

    I am the bankruptcy attorney for Kaufmann’s Tigard, Bellevue and Kauffmann’s expeditions. I have been contacted by several former customers of Kauffman’s regarding deposits paid into the business and in some cases equipment in for repair and would like to reply to everyone with a brief summary of the case status. At this time, Kaufmann’s has no funds to pay anyone and could not pay anyone even if it wanted to. Kaufmann’s is preparing to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I will be the attorney for that procedure. Prior to bankruptcy, a business cannot preferentially pay any creditors no matter how badly it would like to.

    At this time Kaufmann’s is in default on its leases and has significant debt to the IRS which has resulted in the IRS issuing levies on the property of Kaufmann’s. Further the business is unable to pay its employees and as such can no longer operate its business and was forced to close its doors last week. This situation is not good for anyone. At this point, my office is preparing the bankruptcy documentation and the most important part of that is obtaining addresses so proper notice can be given to everyone with a possible claim against the business. Once the bankruptcy is filed, there will be a trustee appointed who will work to determine if there are assets which can be sold to generate funds to pay creditors.

    Please understand that I represent Kaufmann’s and can give no creditors any legal advice other than that you should each seek your own counsel to review the situation and advise you on how to proceed. Once the bankruptcy is filed, you will all receive a notice and instructions on how to proceed. I have no information on possible assets available to the trustee at this time. Again, this situation is very unfortunate but the bankruptcy process will be used to provide organization with the appointment of a trustee to oversee creditor claims.


    Matthew A. Arbaugh
    Field Jerger LLP
    American Bank Building
    621 SW Morrison Street, Ste. 1225
    Portland, OR 97205
    Tel. (503) 228 – 9115
    Fax (503) 225- 0276
    E mail: <> <<>>
  19. This isn't (just) a failed business; it's theft by conversion; apparently used some of the deposit money to retain a lawyer to try to wash debts and theft under the guise of "bankruptcy."

    Sorry doesn't quite do it.
  20. Unless Lance has a very good explanation for all of this, he's never again be able to don his waders on water in the Northwestern US.

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