Sage and Simms at Costco?

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  1. yup, they are numbered
  2. That's what the infamous "warranty card" is all about. You send it in with the serial # and information about the purchase and they keep the record for you. That's why unregistered rods, technically, don't have a warranty. It's rarely been enforced, but that could change if things like this start happening more frequently.
  3. My apologies for jumping in, but I can understand that there are frequently typographic and grammatical errors in online postings. I include plenty in my own blatherings. :hmmm: But when said errors are pointed out, its not often that the poster refutes the correction. Perhaps you simply read your own post too quickly and didn't see the error, even on the second reading. That being the case, here's where you erred:

    The word "your" is a possessive tense of you. So if your statement does not contain spelling errors, as you maintain, then it has multiple grammatical errors.

    However, the word "you're" is a contraction of "you are" and is seemingly the word you meant to use. If that is the case, your spelling was indeed incorrect.
  4. I believe Simms has a serial number on the micro chip imbedded in the crouch of their waders. The chip is part of a long term research project to measure gaseous emissions of fly fishermen. The data is then transmitted to either satellites orbiting over northern tier states and/or the next generation artificial fir and pine trees that are really relay antennas placed up and down most rivers and ridges overlooking lakes. To date the data confirms we're really just a bunch of old farts!
  5. I saw Yeti coolers at Costco today for 349 - that's cheaper than I get one even on my pro-form. I was there to get passport photos, which by the way are $5 at Costco, versus $15 at the USPS.
  6. As a consumer, why really should i be concerned with this at all, other than saving money. doesn't the consumer only benefit, from all this. 8,000 views, i mean really wtf. Mere Commoners wearing Simms and sporting a Sage rod, what is this world coming to?
  7. I believe you still need a receipt for warranty service. You were supposed to send it in with your registration card. You didn't? Bad form... Gotta love all the used ads with "blank warranty card!" Don't matter! Show me the original receipt!

    Also, punishing customers for this? They bought their dyson vacuum and Sony TV there. How were they supposed to know any of this crap? If it isn't illegal, and it's not, you can't punish the customer.
  8. That's because the Costco passport photos are outsourced instead of made domestically!

  9. Funny, but no it was 100% local.
  10. If Simms and Sage wanted their product in Costco at that price, then sure, good for us. But they didn't, and Costco used backhanded tactics to get the stuff in the store. Legal or not, it ain't cool with me. Totally missing the point with "mere commoner" comment. As a consumer, is everything about price?
  11. So?

    So. Some people prefer to make their purchases from vendors that go a step above what is required by law. The law does not require that a vendor act honorably in all regards, but I do. I'm really disappointed with Costco in this regard.

    I suppose you might purchase hot gear from a crack head, if the price was right.
  13. mega ditto on that one.
  14. Couldn't agree more. Thanks for the link.

  15. Yes, but it was a foreign made camera, probably.:rofl: Sorry, I just couldn't resist. This whole thread cracks me up! I've just spent an hour reading the post and have come to the conclusion that there are entirely too many of us that need to go fishing! Lost shipments? B.S. Under the table, gray shipments, buy backs, etc., etc. B.S. They all knew exactly what was going on and they got called on it just like the Market selling Wild Steelhead and the dude busted for selling coho for chinook and so on, and so on. Anything to make an extra buck. It's called capitalism and that's what has made this country great. Get over it. I still buy from my fly local shops and buy my TP and bagged chicken from Costco.
  16. "Nice place, this Amerika... tell me, where is it??"
  17. This thread is lame. Go buy a scott. Problem solved
  18. Hey! Where have you been? Did you find a job that gave you more flexibility to fish?

    Oh, and I fixed your comment for you. :clown:

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