Sage Fli 6wt 9' 4 piece vs. Loop Multi 6wt 9'6' 4 piece

Discussion in 'WFF Gear Program' started by Greg Price, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Greg Price Love da little fishies

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    I took my neighbor kids aged 10 & 17 to float the Yak this weekend.

    The 17 year old loved the Sage Fli. He spent the majority of the time nymph fishing with a large stone and smaller dropper. He was able to get the weighted rigs to just about anywhere he wanted and hooked a few large fish, but was not able to land them due to inexperience handling large fish on a fly. The 17 yo tried the Loop rod, but did not like it as well as the Sage Fli.

    My fishing was limited due to either rowing or re-tying flies for the two boys, but I did find a few places to anchor and try out the Loop Multi 9'6" 4 piece rod. It was great. I threw large hoppers or stones with a small nymph dropper. I liked the action and the extra 6" helped. We were fishing typical summer time Yak conditions. Water screaming down the river, gusts of wind and fish right up within 6" of the bank. The Loop got the job done. I tried the FLi and liked it, but the action felt a tad too slow for my tastes for the conditions we faced on the Yak.

    It should be noted that the FLi had a standard reel with Cortland standard weight forward dry line that I supplied.

    The Loop Multi had a large arbor reel fitted with a nymphing taper that is ideal for the big bugs/high wind on the Yak, so the line may have given the Loop Multi an advantage.

    The 10 year old had never fly fished before this weekend. He used my old Sage DSII 6wt with large dry flies and loved it, but he didn't get a chance to fish the other two rods.

    A big thank you goes out to

    We made two fly fishermen out of spin cast boys this weekend. Neither one touched their spin rods. Both commited to fly rods fully this weekend, leaving their spin rods behind in the car both days.:D Both had a taste of hooking medium to large Yak fish on the fly.
  2. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    Great job getting the boys out there. :thumb:
    I have an 9 foot Fli 6wt and really like it for tossing big bugs, especially when the wind blows as is known to happen every once in a while on the Yak. The Fli is my favorite broomstick!
  3. Greg Price Love da little fishies

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    Cool Itchy.:D

    Glad to hear you like your Sage. The 17 yr old boy liked it, too.

    It was really fun, not to mention unexpected, to have both boys tossing flies!

    I guess some kids have the natural ability to pick up a new sport.
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    That's A Great job getting the boys and teach everything about fishing .

    You don't know you made a good fisherman that small age boys ,which you will done successfully that's nice job...

    Can u Tell me how to properly catch large fish with Loop Multi 9'6" 4 piece rod and Sage Fli 6wt 9' 4 piece ?