Sage GFL 790 DS value and details? 9' 7wt, 2pc

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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if you know any value and knowledge of this rod. I'm fairly new to fly fishing so my knowledge is minimal. The ad says its a Sage GFL 790 DS 9' 7wt. It comes with the Sage 108m reel and a fly tying kit. I uploaded some pictures for your review. Is the whole set worth buying for 200 bucks?

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  2. Probably. That reel looks like it is in very nice condition. Beleieve that is england made fly reel. It would make a great steelhead set-up. 2-piece DS rods based on condition go usually 80.00-150.00 bucks. That reel maybe 40-65.00, especially in real good condition as that one appears. It's tough to give estimates because prices fluctuate on these things depending on the seasons and of course having multple buyers. I think with the extras thrown in...line, etc. it appears to be decent price. good luck. Check ebay and see what some of these items are going for...
  3. Thanks Porter. You think it will handle sockeye up in Alaska on the Kenai River? I'm looking for a all around good quality rod for a good price, any recommendations? I don't mind spending the money on a quality rod but don't want anything to outrageous.
  4. Marginal for sockeye on the Kenai. The Kenai is a very swift river, as you may know. Asking a 7 wt. rod to handle a wild sockeye and the current might be pushing the envelope a bit. I'm sure it could be done but I believe an 8 wt. or 9 wt. would be more useful. The lightest I've ever used was an 8 wt.

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