Sage One owners: Rio Gold or Rio Grand?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Hardman, May 11, 2013.

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    Real smooth way of saying I have a feminine casting stroke..... real smooth Dan.
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  2. Brian White Recovering Bugmeister/Troutlandish?

    I would normally describe my casting stroke as "amateur cubism" (all the pieces seem to be there, but sometimes they don't appear to fit together too well) rather than feminine or strong but....Hmmm....I'm no guitarist, but maybe he is saying you are Eric Clapton ("Slow Hand") and he is Eddie Van Halen ("Eruption"). Is that better? Both are good guitarists - and both prefer different guitars - but their styles are distinct.

    Alternatively, he might be saying you have a feminine casting stroke.
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    Recieved reply from RIO [thank's Chris]

    "Hi there,
    Yes indeed, there was a change this past season to the Grand, they are now a full line size heavier. Keep an eye out for the new RIO Perception lines which will be coming around July 1st, they have a non-stretch core and are a half size heavier, very nice casting lines. Please let me know if you have further questions or comments. Have a great day!
    Kind regards,
    Chris Andersen"

    Theres your answer Rob, great opp to be up front trialing RIO's brand new Perception. Somebodys gotta be the guinia pig! [jist/jest]

    Dan, good posting on #20. Interesting enough to note, a 5wt Gold is specd by RIO as 146gr @ 30'
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  4. Rob Hardman Active Member

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    Thanks everyone for the help and opinions, and to Shotgunner, for contacting Rio and posting the reply.
    I can't wait until July for the new "Perception" line to become available, so I think I'm gonna try the gold. If it doesn't work out, I've got a nice mid-flex 5wt Access that would like it I'm sure.
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    this is precisely the reason I wish that both line manufacturers would just label their lines by actual grain weight (1st 30') instead of "x"wt AND rod manufacturers would just label their rods with a grain weight.

    It just seems silly to me that a 5wt line is actually a 6wt line and a 5wt rod is actually a 6wt rod.

    I get it that it's all about marketing and 6wts don't sell as well as 5wts, but call it what it is (besides, then you could actually sell more 4wts that are really 5wts).
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  6. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    FYI: Just got a sample of the new Perception line. I really like it on my ONE -- loads just a bit better than the Gold on the stiff ONE. But I still prefer the Gold line on my 5wt Orvis H2 tip-flex.