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  1. I've been watching Sage SP sales on Ebay. I'm confused about differential rod weights for the same models. For instance, a 490-3 model labeled as 3 3/16 oz while another 490-3 model labeled as 2 11/16 oz. Both these rods were factory. Were these completely different permutations within the SP model?

  2. I don't know what to tell you. I have a 590-3 and it is labeled 3 5/16 if that matters. Must be different runs with slightly different finish components. 1/4 of an ounce isn't a huge difference in weight. I love the action of the SP's.
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  3. SP is my favorite rod of all time. Sage has never made anything better. I only wish they would bring it back
  4. Ebay posters mess things up a lot.....they will put an rplxi up for a rpl, etc. There are a number of sellers just throwing things out there, or they don't change their info sheet as they switch over to a different product, for instance selling a 6 weight and a five weight....all with same info....if that makes sense. Go to sage website and see of they have archived info...or some old fly shop page with SP listing. Only problem is the SP kinda missed the internet catalog days...might be hard to find but worth a shot. IMHO..weight is not an issue with the SP. Helluva a rod!
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  5. I have two friends with 690-3 pc. SP rods. The older model say's 3.0 ounces and the one a couple years newer said 3 1/2 ounces?

    My friend with the 3 1/2 ounce rod called sage to ask WTF and was told from the factory that when they first came out they were marked wrong (lied about the weight) and after a few years marked them much more accurate at 3 1/2 ounce. Each rod will vary some by 1/8 ounce or so in a line but half an ounce off was just to much! This was last summer he called them so very fresh info and they patched him to the factory (rod builder in the know) for the information.

    I have cast the 590-3 and is a nice rod but the 690-3 are just awesome in that weight class with good speed and flex for fighting fish. I have to agree with above it is one of the best lines I think they have ever made but I tend to like a slower action yet would not call the SP slow, it has great line speed.

    I purchased a 696-3 or 4 pc (can't remember) in SP thinking it would be like the 690-3 and it was not even close to the same rod. I was told from the shop I ordered it that it weighed 3 7/8 ounce and when I received it found it to be 4 3/8 ounce for a 6 wt. that doesn't get it for me and it didn't have the line speed of the 690-3 --- I sent it back!

    I do plan on owning a 690-3 sooner or later because I just love the rod, it is a blast to cast yet I have so many 6 weights now it's not a "must have" it's just a want!
  6. My 490-3 is labeled 2 11/16. The three pieces weigh a total of 2 15/16 on my scale. Exactly halfway between the two weights you found. :rolleyes: I believe there were different real seat components used on some of the rods. I don't think it affects the performance one bit.
  7. These weights were labeled on the rod.
  8. My 590-2 is labeled at 2 13/16 oz but I've also seen the 590-2 labeled at 3 1/4 oz.
  9. saw an LL posted as a RPL last week. Sold for $109.

    My 790-2 SP says 3 3/16.

    Personally I never look at the weight of the rod. Swing weight is way more important. That's what sets most reviews online apart from actually casting a rod.
  10. I did some digging around. Seems the earliest SPs were lighter rods and had different inserts. My 590-2 is listed at 2 13/16 oz and has a blue dyed wood insert. The later SPs were listed at heavier weights and had a natural color wood insert.

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