Sakasa Kebari/Tenkara for SRC

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Andrew Shoemaker, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Curious to know...anyone ever heard of someone fishing (and catching) SRC's on a Tenkara rod using a Tenkara fly? Or on a western outfit using a Tenkara fly?
  2. I know people, including myself, have caught them on reverse spiders, which are pretty much Tenkara flies...

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  3. I have a Tenkara rod that I bought just for the heck of it, and have caught fish on it in rivers. It makes a decent nymphing rod, and you can get good drifts, especially around structure. Basically high sticking.

    I don't think it would be my go-to rod for beach fishing, and have never used it in the salt. But I have caught SRCs ridiculously close to the beach with a traditional fly rod, so, sure I guess you could. One issue is that the rod telescopes down into itself in many segments. Not sure what impact salt water exposure would have - the tolerances seem really tight.
  4. I've only caught one SRC and only fished tenkara once, but I caught that SRC in the stilly about 15' in front of me in structure on a pretty basic fly. I think I still would have caught it using a tenkara rod and fly.

    (yes, I do realize how useless this advice is :))
  5. Reverse spiders like tenkara flies? news to me. :confused: I have caught several on reverse spiders, dam I didn't know. Is that even legal to use tenkara flies on a intermediate line and a 9' 6 weight rod/reel ? :eek:
  6. I'm waiting for a Orvis sponsored beach Tenkara event. I can visualize Leland tossing his beach popper off a traditional Tenkara rod for Src. Orvis does float plane Src fishing ,so Src Tenkara is not all that out of the box for a event. I'd be down for it!

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