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    If this is all true, our fish worries are about to get a lot worse. I don't normally post much but after watching this I am in shock. Please take the time to watch, research on your own, or at least put this on your radar.
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  2. Thanks, watched first 10 minutes, will finish later. It is interesting and scary where its leading to, but dont have 70 minutes right now.
  3. Alex Morton has a lot of passion for what she does
  4. Two things come to mind after watching this. Again
    1. Mess with mother nature (even for a good cause) and the unintended consequences can destroy and ruin life.
    2. Money.....always money. Follow the money. Canada needs a political hero to fix this but who will fight the big boys?
  5. I new something was missing in the declining fish number equation. Dams have been on the rives for close to a century or more, logging has been going on for even longer, fish hatcheries have been putting out genetically poor stock generation after generation, commercial fishing has been declining throughout out the decades. Now I watch this and I'm stunned, If dams, logging and commercial fishing, and hatcheries were not enough. Now we are attacking them in there home waters with giant net pens designed to leak like tea bags of disease steeping in the currents, as wild and hatchery fish swim by. To make it worse, agencies paid for with tax dollars are working with the polluters, who are doing their level best in the name of industry to kill off the public's natural resource i.e. salmon, stealhead, and who knows how many other important creatures through the loss of the salmon for tax revenue and fees.
  6. I'm surprised there has not been more reaction and commenting to this on the board here. What else is being hidden from us?
  7. Horrifying. Simply horrifying. I get it, money makes the world go round, but it doesn't take a genius to recognize that if you destroy a resource through negligence you will not be able to profit from it in the future. Wtf is wrong with these people?
  8. Like she said: The govt is only worried about commerce that's "owned." They have no interest in something that can belong to everyone.
  9. I'm Canadian, but I totally agree with all you guys. It's disgusting.

  10. Am bumping this up as all who have a love for wild fish need to see this.
  11. Follow the money. Always follow the money..... discouraging, but not surprising.
  12. I finally had time to watch this. It is interesting, as I see no benefit other than potential corruption for the Canadian Government to protect the hatchery pens. The industry isn't only robbing Peter to pay Paul. Their current fishing industry is suffering due to the problem. Sad really.

    Also I remember back when OR and WA closed the commercial fisheries to salmon to help protect our sea runs from overfishing, the BC fishing boats said they would fish our waters even if we had a closer to the detriment of our fisheries to keep the production up for them.

    There hast to be much much more to this story.

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