Salmon Teeth

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  2. Just go buy some shark teeth at a tourist shop...the kids will never know the difference (but their parents will wonder why they don't want to go swimming anymore).
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  4. No, I think Krusty's got this one figured out. HILARIOUS!
  5. I had a girlfriend in college who was a Physical Anthropology major and was particularly interested in dentition (teeth). She would boil fish skulls, then use a Dremel tool with a cutting disk to remove the jaw around the base of the tooth to extract the nearly perfectly preserved teeth.

    Great story, love that the kids were so interested in the fish.
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  6. Go take a hike along most river's in Western Washington. You are bound to find many dead Salmon with big teeth in most of their jaws. Most will have lost all of their flesh by now so handling them will not be a smelly job.
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  8. Any idea what the kids want to do with salmon teeth? They are hardly as large or significant as shark teeth. I wonder just exactly what the little buggers are up to! Are they sniffing powdered salmon teeth or what?
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  10. Love the report...and the after dialog. :)
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  12. Hell...I'm not skinny-dipping in coho water ever again. I suspect the coho will be grateful for that too.
  13. Fascinating thread... no, serious, really fascinating.
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