Salmonfly/GS swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Travis Bille, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Okay folks, this will be my first swap as swapmeister. Stonefly season is coming soon, and I only wish I had thought of doing this swap a little earlier, since we are now short on time.

    We will be tying either a salmonfly or golden stone DRY fly, whichever species is your preference. The due date will be Friday, May 17th. Sorry about the somewhat short amount of time to complete these, ideally I would have thought of this a month ago. But this should mean we'll all get our flies back with enough time to fish them. PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME WITH A SELF-ADDRESSED AND PREPAID ENVELOPE, rather than just money.

    We'll tie two patterns per swapper, minus yourself, so ten flies tied total.

    What?: Salmonfly or golden stonefly dry
    When?: Due Friday, May 17th.

    1. Travis Bille- Salmulator- finished
    2. Ben Swaner- received
    3. Gary "shackleford" Knowels- received
    4. Thom Collins
    6. Randall Clark.- received

    On Deck:
    1. Mayfly Aviator
  2. ah man, i got a box PACKED with all sorts of foam, extended body, etc flies, golden stones mostly, but have almost no more materials for any more. i was actually considering hosting a golden stone dry swap for a few months now. ive been tyin foam dries all winter and am kinda sick of it, but if i can get the materials i need in a day or two ill be down if it doesnt fill up.
  3. i'll put you down for a spot, just let me know when you decide for sure. I hope you go for it, I loved you Winter Lake swap flies
  4. Count me in. I was actually just thinking about doing a salmonfly swap.
  5. Welcome! Great minds clearly think alike
  6. i know ill regret it when i see all the flies everyone ties but im gonna be unable to do this. im getting setup for school in the fall and getting ready for firefighting in a couple weeks. ill be keeping a close eye on this one though.
  7. Sign me up!
  8. Okay, we've got three swappers.... come on guys, keep it coming!
  9. I've always wanted to be part of a swap but a little unsure if I have the chops. Here's an example. Not sure if it will pass as a Golden. Might be a bit long, 2" from head to tail tips and 1.5" to end of abdomen. If it's not up to snuff no hard feelings, seriously. It would serve as motivation to get better. Fly 1.jpg Fly 2.jpg Fly 3.jpg
  10. I'm in on this one
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  11. Sounds like the exact reason I started doing swaps, to get better. Thank you for joining! And that a fine looking fly!
  12. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365730792.359279.jpg
    Here is what I'm sending
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  13. Very nice! Can you guys think of anyone to recruit for this swap? Seems like interest has kinda dried up
  14. Well, if everyone is okay with it, why don't we all tie two flies per swapper?
  15. Sounds good to me. Others are going to miss out...
  16. I'm game either way, but 2 of the same pattern or one of 2 different patterns?
  17. You know, whatever you guys wanna do! Ill probably do two of the same just because I like my pattern so much, but if you want to do two different ones that would be great. I'm kinda surprised this didn't get more interest. I thought everyone loved a big juicy stonefly
  18. Ill be tying a variation of this pattern.

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  19. I'm in if you'll have me. I'll tie up my variation of the Clark's Stone. I don't tie a pretty (to people) fly, but it's my goto when waters such as the Deschutes have been pounded into submission in the middle of the hatch and they start getting a little more selective (low-riding, easy casting, very buggy).
  20. Welcome Randall!

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