Salmonfly/GS swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Travis Bille, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. I think I'm going to try to do one salmonfly pattern and one golden stone pattern. I'll be at the vise today so we'll see what I can come up with.
  2. I will be at the vice today.It looks like we are doing 2 flies either the same or two different patterns.Am i correct?
  3. You got it. Just send two patterns same or different!
  4. Got mine ready to go!

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  5. Those look great! Can't wait to get them. I sent you a PM with my address
  6. uploadfromtaptalk1366092034974.jpg
    Here is my offering.
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  7. alright, don't judge until you slay the trouts with it...

    It's my Clark's-ish stone. This is geared more towards Salmonflies with the larger size, and darker moose wing (sorry, photo's a little washed out). I'll tie up 5 of these and 5 with a lighter wing to look more like the goldens we have out here on the Deschutes. I've actually had more success with these than any other fly out there, even after the trouts have been pounded into submission by the hoards of other anglers...When you fish it, lather the entire thing up with floatant and go to town. The more that wing gets spread out, the better it fishes.


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  8. My only judgement is a good one. That looks buggy!
  9. halfway there...just need to set aside another evening for tying...never an easy thing with a 3 yo and a young dog begging for attention all of the time...
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  10. Here's what I ended up with. Same pattern, different color and size. finished.JPG
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  11. besides the crystal flash, what else do you use for the underwing there? is that just antron?
  12. Dark brown Widow's Web.
  13. Alright fellas, how are all the flies coming along?
  14. Good! Starting the next set of 6 tonight. I decided to tie up 2 different patterns instead of everyone getting duplicates. They'll be out the door soon enough....
  15. Good job Mr. Shackleford! I look forward to seeing them!
  16. I'm all tied up. 10 flies, plus whoever sends the best flies will get an extra one of mine!
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  17. Wish I wouldn't have missed this one! If anyone drops let me know I'll have mine out this week!
  18. Is everyone okay with tying two more so we can let in mayfly aviator?
  19. Sure, since I tied up 12 already. I forgot I was 1 of the 6.

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