Salmonfly/GS swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Travis Bille, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Haha I did the same thing. Ill pm everyone later and see what they think
  2. I'm good with it!
  3. You know, I think some people are already done with their flies. So we will keep the swap as-is, and if someone drops then Mayfly Aviator is in.
  4. Pattern number 2

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  5. The first one was a little tricky. THe hardest part was getting the length correct. I found it much easier if you trim the butt end as short as possible before tying the hair in and then wrapping over whatever was left. If you can tie an EHC, you can tie the Madam X.
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  6. Finished mine up tonight plus a threw in a couple fun things for hosting the swap. PM me your address and I'llget them in the mail soon.

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  7. I should be able to finish mine up tonight. PM me your address, and I'll get them sent off in the next day or two.
  8. PM will be sent in a minute.

    Gary is the speedster of the bunch. His flies look awesome. You guys will be very happy with these.
  9. Flies are tied, life just got a bit, well, like life can get. They WILL be out by end of this week!
  10. Awesome, I'm glad you like them. Did you like the extras that I threw in there for you?

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  11. Yeah man those are great! The silver Hilton is a Klamath river standard, and I think that yellow and white one will slay at the lagoon. Did you ever see the pictures of some of the cutts I pulled out of there?
  12. I saw the one that was missing some tail and the first one you got there on your reports here. Really amazing fish. I'd love to give that lagoon a few days to see what I could find. The yellow one is a Carmichael spider. Red tail, yellow chenille, pheasant rump hackle collar, long fibers. Ive caught many lake cutts on a very similar pattern.

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  13. finished mine up last night, sending them out today...I changed up the golden pattern from the salmonfly pattern slightly. I threw a small piece of golden pheasant just over the top of the orange body. When viewed from below, it gives a nice impression of segmentation.


    goldens are on the left...The salmonflies just don't have the golden pheasant tied in.

    tied up a few on the right for myself...changed things slightly on each one.
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  14. Great ties so far. You guys are killin' me!
  15. Travis, I think I included an extra fly of each pattern. Can you send them to Mayfly Aviator? From his posts on here, he seems like a really good dude and I'd like to pay it forward even though it's not much of a payment.
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  16. Mine are in the mail.
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  17. I sure will Gary. I think I have an extra I could toss in too
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  18. Travis, my two extra (both stuck to the same tag) were for you, but if you want to send them along, feel free to do so.
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  19. Wow, thanks gents. I'll need your addresses as well.

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