Saltwater Beach Leaders

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Gregg Lundgren, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Gregg Lundgren Now fishing on weekdays too!

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    I just lined-up a beach rod for salmon. Redington Torrent 7wt with a RIO Outbound Short WF7F/S1. I used a 6ft RIO Salmon/Steelhead tapered leader(12lb) with 2ft of fluorocarbon(10lb) as tippet. I'm usually throwing a small/med clouser.

    Curious as to what others might be using as a leader set-up?
  2. Jonathan Tachell Active Member

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    Depends on the situation but I usually just run 8 feet of straight 10 to 12 pound flouro. I will run longer leaders when fishing a floating line though.
  3. nailbender Active Member

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    I started using airflo poly intermediate salmon leaders a few years back. Perfection loop on 10# maxima green for tippet. I use both 5 and 10 footers depending. If I throw a wind knot 95% it will be in the tippet and they last me a long time.
  4. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    I usually run 6-7 foot leader when fishing sub surface.
    If I want a tapered leader, I go two feet of 20 lb, two feet of 15 then three feet of 12 or 10 using Maxima Ultragreen.
    I'll also just run 7' of straight 10 or 12 in either Ultragreen or Seaguar fluorocarbon.
    Perfection loop on the line end, non slip loop on the business end.
  5. Steve Saville Active Member

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    I usually use a three section leader, 6 ft. or so with 24" of 15 lb., 18" of 12 lb., and then a tippet of 10 lb. I use Maxima Cameleon or Ultragreen. I also use Knot sense on the knots so they slip through the seaweed without catching and a no-slip knot on the fly.
  6. Brooks Werner Member

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    I had lots o success last year with a Cortland 444 7wt Intermediate and a 7.5-9' ~10# leader. I'd add fluoro tippet when the leader started getting too short from use, ie wind knots :)

    Found that casting out and counting to 10-15 for my clouser to sink and then stripping worked great.
  7. salt dog card shark

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    I use up my RIO 10 lb bonefish leaders that might be getting old, keep switching out the last 2 feet with fresh 2x Fluorocarbon tippet onto 10ft nylon tapered leader.
  8. Gray Ghost Member

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    Airflo PolyLeader Salmon/Steelhead 5' Intermediate 24lb. .016
    2' Yo-Zuri H2O Invisible Green Fluorocarbon 15lb. .014
    3 1/2' Yo-Zuri H2O Invisible Green Fluorocarbon 12lb. .012

    Perfection loops, bloodknot, non-slip loop knot. Tags cut close to the knots and then carefully melted with a lighter to the knots to make the leader more seaweed proof.

  9. JayB Active Member

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    I've been using 7' furled leaders with 2-3 feet of 8-10lb fluoro. Can't say that it's helped out in the catching department, but it's made casting more pleasant and has reduce the number of trailing-loop - errr, "wind" knots that I have to deal with.
  10. Josh Smestad aka Mtnwkr

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    6' of 30# ultragreen with 2' of 10-12# ultragreen. That's all I've used for years and it works great.
  11. mtskibum16 Active Member

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    I just try to copy whatever Stonefish does and that usually works out to fish on the beach. :) I usually end up with a straight leader of 10-12lb Maxima Ultragreen around 6 ft long while using an intermediate. Actually, I think I got that from DimeBrite originally.
  12. SciGuy Active Member

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    5-6 feet of 12-15 lb Maxima UG for if using an intermediate. For floaters I use 2 feet sections each of 30, 25, 20, and 15 lb line from RIO with a 10-12 lb tippet of about 4 feet.
  13. ten80 Active Member

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    I use 7-9ft of 15lb Maxima ultra green with floating or intermediate lines. Salt fish aren't leader shy and wind knots with fine tippet can cause you to lose fish. Homemade leaders with knots pick up salad and you never know when a big coho is going to hit when you are fishing for pinks. KISS.
  14. porterHause Just call me Jon

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    10 ft Airflo floating poly + 5-7ft. of 12lb. fluoro

    5 or 10 ft int poly + 5-7ft of 12lb. fluoro.
  15. Gregg Lundgren Now fishing on weekdays too!

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    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread! Good thoughts to consider. One reason I use a fluorocarbon tippet is for abrasion resistance in addition to stealth. So let's say we take cost out of the equation, and you are running 8ft of straight 12lb fluorocarbon.

    What do those using tapered leaders (knotted or knotless) say the straight leader fishers might be missing?

    If there is an advantage to using tapered leaders, does the advantage fade as a straight leader is changed out from 8lbs to 10lbs to 12lbs?

    Is it really all about avoiding trailing loop knots?
  16. ten80 Active Member

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    I don't think stealth is necessary when fishing for salmon in the salt, especially when the fish are feeding. Presentation, color, and fly selection is really what matters.

    Tapered leaders also have better turnover with heavy flies because of the thick butt section, but I find that 15lb Maxima UG will turn over as big a fly as I can throw on an 8wt
  17. mtskibum16 Active Member

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    Yeah, the tapered leaders have better turnover. I fish a straight leader because it's easy, cheap, and I'm lazy. Also, less knots in the leader is better when there's alot of salad in the water. I agree with ten80 though, I don't have a problem with turnover on 12-15 lb Maxima and big clousers (at least it's not a problem when compared to my other casting problems). :D
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  18. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    I like the straight maxima also. I've been using 10 lb. fluoro and it seems to do the job. I used 10 lb mono last fall and didn't have any breakage issues. Also nice to keep the knots out of the leader due to salad, as people said.

  19. totallycustom Member

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    Do you guys that use maxima notice much of a difference between it and other mono lines? I have some I use for tying mooching leaders but I don't remember buying it for any particular reason.
  20. Jonathan Tachell Active Member

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    Maxima is a really strong line with a breaking strength higher than its rating. It is also very abrasion resistant. If the fish are not leader shy maxima UG is the way to go. I have also had pretty good luck with Ande and Izorline mono as well.