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  1. Hi
    Looking to do a DIY trip to ascension bay for 10/14 days
    any one done like wise
    any information where to go/stay

    I know you can go with organised groups for 7 days for around $3000 but a lot of Bucks,
    Any infor
  2. You can do a one-week trip with a group to a lodge for closer to $2k, but still a lot of bucks for many. To fish effectively you need to get on the flats. To access the flats, other than extremely limited areas, you need floatation. Take an inflatable kayak or similar and launch near the bridge at Boca Paila or other limited access points. You need a boat of some kind to get past the crocodiles I saw sunning themselves on the sand near the bridge last time I was there. The nearby flats are mostly bonefish, but barracuda and permit are possible too. Stay in Tulum; there are places from super-ritzy to beach bum budget.

  3. SG
    Thanks for that, d.not want to end up like Long John Silver.
    have you been their?
    Wanted 10/12days silly going all that way for a short trip.
    So y can do DIY at Tulum, maybe find a guide for a few days to show me around the do it a bit on my own

    did you do it as a organised trip or just y and a friend
  4. Inflatable kayak and crocodiles? :eek:
  5. Careful with flotation in that area without the proper permits. Even inflatable kayaks need permits. Check into renting out of Tulum or heading further down the road those places will already have the proper permits. You could also possibly hire a panga to shuttle you to an area to wade for the day and then come back and pick you up later, but that's risky.
  6. Dave,

    There is a resort lodge at Boca Paila, but it's on the spendy side. I've tried to find guides that will do day trips from B.P., but without success. I haven't done it DIY, but know people who have. If you ask around you can probably find someone with a panga to guide you, but I'm not certain you can count on it. Having time to spend there should improve your chances. I didn't know about permits being necessary for any boat, including inflatables. Some of the resorts have kayaks and offer "eco" trips in the bay.

    The road gets really, really, really bad after the bridge. It's only worth traversing if you're going to Punta Allen for the week.

  7. Sg
    what happens at Punta Allen, is this a place where you could possible do a bit of DIY, where did you stay when you went their "

    re the crocs could always do a " James Bond " from " live and let die " and walk across on the heads!
  8. FYI,

    Boca Paila Lodge was sold this summer. Ricky (the owner) kept his permits and guides, so they may be amenable to day trips now, they also have a new ramp and launch on the lagoon side. If you're interested I can get the info, or call Frontiers and ask for Bob Artzberger (tell him Dan sent you...)

    Also, for what it's worth, if I were doing a DIY with lots of walking/wading/self guiding, I'd be more likely to go to the Bahamas, maybe Grand Bahama and base out of Freeport. Tons of flats you can drive to, an immense amount of water to explore. I've caught some nice fish right in front of the Westin early in the morning just walking down the beach. Or call Anil at Puget Sound Fly Co and ask about their trips to Long Island or Crooked Island, he seems to have that quite dialed in.

    But the Tulum area can be great, just not really as DIY friendly as other areas other than the ocean-side. The lagoon isn't wadable everywhere (pretty soft where I've fished it) and Ascension Bay itself would again likely require some sort of craft, and permitting may be a hassle... Good luck!



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  9. Dave,

    No reasonable DIY in Punta Allen. You need a panga to get from there to the fishing flats. I stayed at Casa "_____" (can't remember his name at the moment) on a trip organized by Red's on the Yakima. It's a good value trip with guides and pangas 5 days. You might follow up on Dan's contact suggestion.

    Bahamas has larger bonefish, but costs more to get there, and Mexico has better food than the Bahamas IMO.

  10. Anybody know anything about fishing near Puerta Vallarta?
  11. Sg
    Thanks on the imfor so far:)
    if you had to choice would you say Grand Bahama have you done this
    would maybe look for a all in holiday that would be based at Freeport
    then could do a bit of DIY where y have suggested , Anil at Puget Sound Fly Co looking on the net is based in Washington, he runs organised outings is that correct.

    Re Frontiers they do a nice brochure but not cheap.
    changing directions was looking at Mauritius ? anyone been that far a field
  12. As others have said DIY there is possible but difficult, for a variety of reasons. I've done some DIY there, but did much better with what was once known as "Bonefish Bum" on my 1st budget trip there with both bones and tarpon. He now has a nice beachfront full service lodge w/associated increased costs and pricing, but I had a fabulous experience and so did my wife and kids (guided Ascension Bay Nature explore via panga for them while I fished).
    Next time there was also on a budget so I went with these guys;
    Got Snook, Bones and all so close chances at Permit (they were 100' out - Lefty Kreh I'm not!). Don't know what their current prices are, but they got me into fish even in the middle of a serious mid' January cold front (actually frosted in interior Yucatan Pen'. while we were there - water was cold).
    It's a fun place, but I agree w/others that DIY is somewhat simpler on certain Bahamian flats (although almost never easy).
  13. Salmo said; "Bahamas has larger bonefish, but costs more to get there, and Mexico has better food than the Bahamas IMO."

    I agree, although the Bahamian conch salad is tough to beat, the ceviche and Mayan food of the Yucatan is almost worth the trip there - even if it weren't for the fishing!
  14. OK Greg, conch ranks right up there as food fit for the gods. That, and the wahoo my wife and I had for dinner twice in Freeport was the best food we had there. Otherwise we're partial to Mexican food.
  15. Manuel Casa Viejo Chac Probably the best value down there. Greg offered a link to above and even though Red's books the same place you could do all the work yourself for the same price I believe.
  16. Thank Ira! Manuel Chac, ergo Casa Chac. That's the place. Key thing is to take all the beer and tequila you might possibly want with you, as there's nothing available in Punta Allen. Really nice folks; I'd like to go again, but man, that horrid road!

  17. Not so bad if you can't remember it because you stopped in Tulum on the way there and began your B-day celebration early. I don't remember that first night.
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  18. On permits:

    It would appear that only motor and sail boats require it.

    There used to be a fishing permit requirement, but as far as I can tell that has been removed, so inflatable kayaks should be good to go
  19. Also, having been to the Bahamas (Long Island) I can say that the DIY there is actually quite easy if you have access to a kayak.
  20. I did a DIY trip to Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Reaaly cool. Posted info/trip report here .

    More info also here

    Good luck!

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