Saltwater fishing Mexico 2014

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  1. If I was doing a DIY fishing trip to Mexico, I would go to the Xcalac area near Belize border rather than near Tulum. It's at the other end of the Sian Kaan Reserve. Would likely need a boat or inflatable kayak there also. Better yet, I'd just go to Belize. Been there several times on DIY trips and have had good success. Going back for 4th time this spring.
  2. MDK
    thanks for the advise " Plus all others "

    its trouble getting all your gear in the bag, let along a boat etc.

    so y went to Belize , found guides fro the first day or so to show y the place then DIYed from there is that it?
  3. I stayed at Journey's End on Ambergris Caye in Belize outside of San Pedro for a few days a couple of years ago and was able to self guide myself (better than the "guide") from there. There is a road you can walk along with access to the beach for miles. I found fish in a variety of places including in deep points off of docks.

    The barrier reef is really close to the shore from there and it is easily paddable from a kayak (which Journey's End had for us to use). Besides the bones, don't overlook the trunk fish, which at first look kind of boxy and slow, but they will rip you a new.
  4. Never taken my own boat. Talked to others who have. I have rented cheap sit on top kayaks which work OK if not going too far.
    I never used a guide at all. Went out to Glovers reef in Belize and did mostly drop off fishing or used a kayak to get to closer places. Caught lots of bones but have been there 4 times and there is a learning curve.

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