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  1. After every beach session, I dutifully disassemble my rod and reel and rinse in fresh water, then let air dry for 24 hours before packing away. Probably OCD but I try to respect my gear :).
    When I take the reel apart, I remove the spool, gland cap, and the clutch and rinse everything. I noticed inside the clutch are some roller bearings and was wondering if I should eventually apply a tiny spot of grease to just the bearings as time and rinsing go on. I know not to remove the drag side and not to douse the reel with lubricant, but those little bearings seem so lonely and dry :)
    Any tips from Saltwater Lamson users would be cool.
  2. Hey Dave!

    I have a brand new old-version Konic II that I've only fished twice and I rinse it out in warm freshwater after use.

    All I can add to this thread is what I found on the Lamson/Waterworks website (I expect you already know this!):

    I too want to keep my gear clean and functional for as long as I can!
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  3. Hey Dipnet!
    This part is standard, but I always worry about small exposed bearings but it appears they say nothing about lubing them...just lubing the reel handle with WD40. I am probably overthinking usual. Just gleaning what I can :) Thank you for your reply!
    I hope you are getting out some, had a fun day down here with some lite SRC action.
  4. From the manual Dipnet posted:

    *No oil or lubricant is to be used in or around the drag system. Your drag
    may be adversely affected if lubricant is allowed into the drag system*

    They are sealed bearings, lubricant will attract moisture & dirt.
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  5. Yup, avoiding the actual drag system, but the removable clutch was kinda what I was asking about. It comes out, gets soaked with saltwater and rinsed off so always exposed. I guess I wasn't clear. But it's probably pretty tough so I wont worry about it then, they do last a while :)
    Thanks for the input, I will just continue as I have been then. Carry on :)
  6. Dave, I usually put a couple drops of light oil on those little clutch roller bearings every second or third time out. I agree you wouldn't want it in the drag system. But bearing do need lubrication and any gears need a small amount of light grease,IMO. My reels are older style off set disc drags, where everything is exposed so it's easy to maintain, but I still pull the spools off and stick them in the sink with warm water and a touch of soap, then a good rinsing.
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  7. Cool Mark, kinda my thought process, I just needed validation for my thoughts.
    Thank you very much!
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  8. Beoshield Is your friend if you fish the salt.
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  9. I have had a Konic for about 2 years. It has been used only in the salt. I used to clean it regularly. I added some reel grease about a year ago and have have done nothing since. It works great. Maybe I am just lucky. I was told the reel was sealed and shouldn't have to worry about it, so I haven't. The rods/reels get rinsed when I rinse the boat and trailer. I will probably be buying another reel this year. Surprisingly, I need another rod for the bought.
  10. I used a Pfleuger one season in saltwater fishing for chums. I "rinsed" mine off after each trip by throwing it in the toilet tank and letting it stay there overnight. The couple of flushes would change the water. Never experienced any rust or corrosion on it. I switched after the first season as the Pfleuger didn't have enough drag for me.
  11. I've been using an old Lamson LP 3.5 on the beaches for over 20 yrs, and all I do is take the spool off the reel, soak them in the sink for a few hours, change the water, and repeat. I occassionally touch up the spindle grease, and that's it....runs like a champ.
  12. used lamson clutch reels as far as i can remember and rusted out the first few til the reps said "there is no need" to seperate the spool from the cage ever. If you do for any reason, the reel must be 110% dry, you do not want any kind of moisture in that clutch, even though its made out of stainless steel.
    If you lube, use lube that is made for fishing reels,etc.
    I haven't taken mine apart for years and they are working 100% . I just give them a 15 minute soak in luke warm water after a day in the salt..
  13. I second Peter....never separate spool from reel especially after salt use.
  14. Thanks, good tips all!
  15. Lamson reels have a sealed drag system, you could bury it in lube and oil.
  16. Just to close this thread properly, I also dropped a mail to Lamson and they promptly forwarded my mail to the proper person and I got the straight deal directly from them. I appreciate all the responses and figured everyone might benefit.
    Cheers and thanks to Luke @ Waterworks Lamson

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