Sammish Slough

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  1. Was reading another post about fishing Lake Washington and it raised an old curiosity. I've always thought about fishing the Slough but water looks a little "thick". Might be fun, and brings to mind the possibility of catching a "mystery fish."Anyone doing it with flies?
  2. Okay, I meant Sammamish Slough
  3. Never fished it but I have read plenty of reports by folks who have. Seems pikeminnows are the usual catch although I do read of people catching a few trout.

    Only one way to find out..... get out there and wet a line and take lots of pics to add to the report when you get back!
  4. I live right next to it. Honestly, I fish it quite a lot. Though, the past two years, my catches have dwindled to abysmally low numbers on all species. 4yrs ago, I was getting bass, cutthroat, rainbows, and squawfish in good numbers. Now, I get about one small squawfish every 2-3 trips. If it wasn't walking distance from me, I wouldn't put in the effort to go.
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  5. Proper Slough itinerary should be as follows:

    Arrive, find water and fish. Answer quite a few similar questions about fishing, fly fishing, and fish. Hook a troot, and definitely a Squawfish or three. Scope out busty jobless mid day runners( hooray for rich hard working husbands!) Repeat silly questions and Squawfish hookage till it's time for some vittles. Break for vittles and a brewski or two at Malt and Vine

    At this point you can decide to wrap it up and have more beers, or head back to the water and fish some more. I usually pick the beer. :)
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  6. I have to say that itinerary sounds pretty well to me

  7. Same here. I live near it too and have fished it a few times each year for nearly a decade. Ten years ago there were 20" cutts in there. The last few years they're more like skinny MF Snoqualmie fish.

    My theory: Lower salmon returns to the Issaquah hatchery. That reduction equates to lower production of smolts in the Issaquah hatchery, which they release in spring into the lake to swim down the slough toward the ocean. The predators in the slough count on those to fatten up and get big, but I think there just aren't enough smolts to support them any longer.
  8. All be it I haven't lived in the area for years, the water in Merrymore (sp?) park were very kind to me. One hander and a sink tip line (Tenney nymph) got the job done nicely. If flows were really low then just a straight DT and a 10' leader was good to go. Just do your best to stay out of the water as your casting.
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm at the Lake Washington end so will work "up" from there with some scuds or something and see what happens. Then check out the Malt and Vine, now that's good local knowledge.
  10. The flows were good until they straightened out the Slough. Used to hold power boat races on it. Now that is going back many years. You would find yourself a good spot on a bend where they would have to slow down or end up on the shore. Lots of boat wrecks back then. And fun.
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  11. Gad! I'd forgotten about that. Used to gather up the wife and kids and do a picnic on the beach in Bothell. Great way to spend the day.

    Would chuck out the crawfish trip, sip a beer and much sandwiches.
  12. I will say this:

    Timing is key to finding quality fish in the slough. At the right time it can be surprisingly good, at the wrong time you are doing nothing but practicing your casting techniques.
  13. It's pretty brambly along the banks. I've always wanted to spend the day floating/rowing the slough. I know there's nice fish in there, but I haven't been able to come into any. Lots of squawfish, though.

    Come to think of it...a warm day floating the slough with a few cold beers and an opportunity to ogle the aforementioned busty trophy wives sounds like a grand day.
  14. ...and tromping through goose shit.
  15. We fished it for steelhead in the day - 70's. I saw one caught in there too!
  16. Yes, those races were really fun. People gathered at the bends, boats in bushes, real crowd pleaser. Don't know why it went away. I suppose it's not safe enough for today but they should bring it back.
  17. the flow has a lot to do with being able to fish it at all. Never had issues pulling up a fish every time there when the flows are lower.

    Btw, Marymoore (sp?) park has no fishing signs in the dog park along with a no water access sign in the entrance. would be great to get into there and fish but there are a lot of dogs on nice days.
  18. I used to be able to access the river across/opposite from Marymoor from the rowing school launch across from the dog park via float tube and kick my way east enough to be away from the dogs and their splashing. Caught several Lake trout there and many Cutthroat and far too many Pike Minnows (only if you are pulling streamers).
    Behind Redmond city hall they added downed tree shelters and put bends back in the river to be more conducive for fish habitat. Give it a shot, you'll never know if you don't go.
  19. That's by where I live. Strange enough, I never catch fish in those "fishy looking" spots. Not under logs, not in the bends, none of it. It's a weird ass fishery.
  20. i will say that i've caught many 18+" pike minnows, and on a light enough rod, they're pretty fun. sadly a 29" squahfish doesn't mean much besides saying i've caught huge junk fish haha. They're mostly closer to lake sammamish....

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