Sammish Slough

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  1. Thom Collins

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    I live about 10 min from the boat launch by the Juanita bridge so I fish it a dozen or so times a year. Big squaws on occasion, perch, small bass but yet to find a trout. Anything brown or with peacock works well. Talked to a guy sitting on his dock one day who told me the best time for bass are when the ducklings hatch. He said he watches big bass take a few every year. Their out now. Maybe I should get out there too.
  2. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Tie on a rubber duckie with a large hook attached. That should work for your Large Mouth Bass.
  3. Olive bugger

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    I had forgotten about the boat races. Thanks for reminding me Jim.

    Logboom Park had some really nice bass in it at one time, but then they removed all of the stumps and put in the fishing pier, or goose toilet, and fishing went somewhere else. I never have seen anyone swimming in the new park. Hahahaha. Another joke on the taxpayers.
  4. skyrise

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    used to be my zipperlip river in March for --------------Steel head!!
    did pretty well there. even got my girl friend at the time to hook a few.
    oh well that's gone now too.
  5. Jeff Cheng

    Jeff Cheng Jeff Cheng

    too bad there aren't really any good slow sections that are fishable, at least in redmond... well i guess there are good spots, they just dont hold fish.. :/
  6. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    An observer at the golf course had a boat go airborne and land on them. I think that was the last year of the races.

    I launched our rowboat twice on the day of the races. Sure wasn't the day(s) to want to get out.
  7. dfg

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    If you walk through the dog park along the river you will eventually come to a gate that leaves the park proper. The path loops around back towards the radio-control airfield, but not before passing several river access points and the observation pier that extends into the river near where river leaves the lake. (if not for the dense carpet of lily pads it would be an interesting spot to try.) Since these are not in the park, I believe that they are legal.

    I believe that one can walk along the west side of the river from the main entrance to Marymoor nearly to the dam (and I use that term loosely).

    Does anyone know launch spot (for a pontoon boat) that is close the park and close to parking? I've launched at Idylwood Park, further south on W. Lake Sammamish Blvd., and its far less than ideal.
  8. Jeff Cheng

    Jeff Cheng Jeff Cheng

    not sure if this will get you where you want to go but there is Luke McRedmond Park that is downstream from the park. I'm guessing it'd be quite a haul to get into the mouth of the slough though.
  9. Tyler Sadowski

    Tyler Sadowski Active Member

    I have launched at Marymoore right at the bridge. I have also launched at the bridge by redhook and further down into bothell. Its a long float from marymoore to bothell landing. Took me 6 hours to do that float.
  10. John Wallace

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    As for races, my dad use to race boats up the river. It was a lot of fun. As for fishing, I fish it a couple times a years. I have caught a few trout to 11in and a 15in pike minnow. Did fish it in the late 70's for steelheed. I didn't caught any be did see other fisherman get them.
  11. Jeff Cheng

    Jeff Cheng Jeff Cheng

    fyi, the water level has dropped a lot. pretty close to where it normally is in june.
  12. Drysuperfly

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    I fished here a lot this last summer and got pretty good at getting a few trout a trip (no squaws), my biggest is 16" cutt, it was a but (caught same time my profile picture was taken) but my question here is has anyone floated the slough at all? I am new to pontoon boating and I want to start fishing rivers with it and I figured this one was a good starting point. And it is currently open to fishing which is always a plus.
  13. Jeff Cheng

    Jeff Cheng Jeff Cheng

    I have not done it personally but where were you thinking of starting? I believe there are some spots that you may need to walk through if you're starting up in redmond. I would also be interested in finding this out.

    Edit: actually with higher water level right now you may be ok.
  14. Drysuperfly

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    i was thinking of dropping in about at the baseball fields by the winerey, then taking out at the bothel landing (i know the water slows down for easy exit) i have fished the woodenvill area alot (never been further up then that) it seem deap enought except for where bear creek enters i might have to drag the boat a little ways down stream but its light and all adds to the experence.

    i am thinking that if something goes truely wrong i can either float it out to lake wa or just beach it and call a friend.
  15. Jamie Wilson

    Jamie Wilson Active Member

    fish or row
    you're gonna need to decide
  16. Drysuperfly

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    Its a two person pontoon :) so half fishing and getting a river anchor
  17. William Wallace

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    My father was one of those guys who raced up the slough. I have an old photo book from Bob Carver that shows a lot of those wrecks you talked and yes my father was one of those. It was fun growing up seeing my dad race.

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  18. Tyler Sadowski

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    I have been fishing it all week Its a little high still. I grew up fishing it and it has produced at times. Haven't hooked a dam thing this week although I have missed a fish every time, nothing has stuck. If you know where to look catching fish can be fairly consistent but its not a show stopper. Don't expect much and try not to hook a jogger. Its more about getting out and enjoying the water than anything else at this point. Everything is closed till June so it doesn't leave us much in the way of flowing water. Good luck and chuck streamers, nothing big just stick with smaller olive stuff. The smolt migration should begin soon.
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  19. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    this thread is almost 2 years old, and back then I wrote that my own experience there has shown steadily dwindling trout production there. Last spring I experienced my first ever skunking on the slough. Another time I landed two 9" cutts and a dozen or so pikeminnows. I still think the population drop relates to the dropping productivity of the Issaquah hatchery upstream which for a decade has pumped out fewer and fewer smolts in spring. Last spring there were very few smolts migrating out.
  20. steelydan

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    I think your comment about Pike Minnows outnumbering Cutts is more telling.
    Fish it more and catch and release the PMs onto the bank behind you.
    I live nearby and would like to connect when you guys are heading out there.