Sammish Slough

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  1. Do I hear a meet up on the slough???While joggers tell us how it's closed?? Hahaha :)
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  2. Steely Dan, your catch-and-bank is exactly the practice I've used for several years, but it seems to make little difference. Two years ago I ran into two guys in a boat launching at the Sammamish Rowing Club at the outlet, and they were plugging NPMs for some WDFW bounty of (I think) $5 a fish. They had a lot of them in a bucket.
  3. I thought the bounty is only for the Columbia. If there is one up here, would love to know more about it.

    I have also been releasing on the bank but they really start to stink after the pile starts to grow.
  4. Definitely down for a meet up some weekend. I throw the pickeys to shore.
  5. Or cut their bellies to feed the monster crawdads
  6. PM me for extra incentive
  7. Dad took me there in the fifties for steelhead, first time I ever saw him catch one! Summertime we would float at night for bullfrogs. I still remember those legs kicking in the frying pan!
  8. Whoever kills the fewest pike minnows pays for the tequila at matador
  9. Pretty sure the squawfish is native and their population is out of control due to the Columbia dams. Killing them elsewhere might do more harm than good. People used to treat bull trout the same way!
  10. The Slough doesn't run into the Columbia. It runs into Lake Washington and in turn into the Sound. Just some stupid info in case you didn't know.
  11. I have caught steelhead and large trout, as in trout up to 4 lbs, in the slough but that was when you could fish for coho in the fall with bait and issaquah creek still got a good number of steelhead in the winter. The trout would follow the salmon upstream to feed on their roe, which probably still happens.
  12. That was my point. Are the NPM a problem in the Lake Washington/Sammamish watershed or are they just doing their natural job in the ecosystem?
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  13. I really don't have any Idea. I haven't really fished in Washington in 8 years.
  14. OMJ the hipster. Fishing our waters before it was cool.
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  15. spoons for fall coho in Lake Washington was a thrill - back in the day!!
  16. When I left for greener pastures, it was somewhat cheap to fish in your state. Now it isn't. I have no idea why I put this here. I think I'm losing my mind.
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  17. I haven't fished the lake for quite a while ,but 30 years ago ( damn how did that happen) we caught a lot of those pike minnows while pitching crankbaits for smallmouth bass. Some of them where pretty large. I have know idea about population fluctuations in lake washington, but the book, Inland fishes of washington, has some pretty good life history info.
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  18. They also used to race up it with waterskis, That was a real hoot.
  19. Approximately 55 years ago a certain boy of about ten was going fishing on opening day with his dad. A special lake which had received reports of great fishing was to open. Alas, the road approaching the lake was jammed with so many cars that the dad decided to just go to Lake Sammamish 'cause it's open all year. The little boy was more than disappointed. He was really looking forward to the new hotspot, and by the time they reached Sammamish and launched, the morning would be half over! Well, dad put up with the sons pouting and put a Dick Nite spoon on the boys line. With plenty of coaching, the boy landed a five pound rainbow, got his picture in Fishing and Hunting News, and received a card full of spoons from Dick Nite. (and never again questioned his dads advice)
  20. In my late 20's/early 30's and family would head off to Holy Cross in Redmond Washington. They in 'best bib and tucker' and me in fishing clothing. Wife would drop me off at Marrymore and I'd fish my way back to Bothell. Bobber/jig/10 foot rod .... sometimes I got lucky.

    Then the luck changed ....... New Priest and one heck of a fellow (as were his wife and 5 kids-theirs, adopted, foster). Anyway hit the SS at about 8AM and Bam! like on the third cast. Fish on beach, cleaned and in the cooler. 30'ish minutes later: BAM! Second fish on the beach, cleaned and in the cooler.

    Half hour later and, you guessed it, BAAAAM! And I had my three fish limit. Then off to church and I was scratching my head as to what to do with at least two of the fish so I asked Father Todd's wife if she'd like two of them. YES WE WOULD!!~!!

    About 3PM I get a call from her asking how she should cook them and I responded (to the effect) 'Just like you'd do a whole Salmon.' Dead pause for a few seconds: 'We've never been able to afford to buy one." Gave her the instructions how to wrap in Allie Foil, veggies, etc., about as simple as you can get.

    Next Sunday the whole family was all over me about how much they enjoyed the fish, etc., etc. Looked at Father and said: 'I'm good at pitching, you're good at Praying, how about we split the catch?' (Actually if only one, they got it. And it was rare that I didn't have at least one, but it did happen.)

    Never before, or since, have I had a winter fishing season that even came close to that one. "Shooting fish in a barrel' time for the next 60 - 90 days. Father Todd? He retired as a leading Bishop in the Episcopal Church (Southern California if memory services).
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