Sammish Slough

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  1. when I was a pup We fished for crawdads under a bridge in Woodinville (next to Goodtime Charlie's) what a gas.

    This one of a kind 1963 horizon was built for the slew races by one of the Bud racing team members, cant remember his name. I've had her since "83"
    2013-10-19_13-50-26_207 horizon.jpg
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  2. i have fished there a dozen times and never seen another fisherman, sounds like this sleepy little river has a lot more memories and history then it let on.
  3. We should get an outing on the Slough with all of us and then meet back at the Black Raven to talk about the day. I can do it if it is a Saturday What you all think!
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  4. i have most fridays off as well, wait for a little warmer weater and it sounds like a great day.
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  5. The Sammamish Slough crawdads (the tails) made the best bait for summer-runs back in the early 70's.... a little known secret.

    Also tasted pretty good along with a lot of beer to wash them down with on a hot summer day with friends.

    Don't think I'd eat anything from out of there these days though - in fact it probably wasn't the best idea back then either, but we were young and stupid then!
  6. Can you keep crawdads in a catch and release fishery?
  7. If you use barbless hooks.

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