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  1. We went on a little fishing vacation last week.
    We started at Lost Lake, Okanogan, Co. I didn't catch any Brookies but other people caught some on worms, (yuk).
    One of the brookies was very nice in size, 14''.
    Then off to Curlew lake and again I didn't catch any fish on a fly.
    The small large mouth bass were very active and were easy to catch on small plugs and soft plastic.
    The high light of the trip was the Sanpoil river inside the Colville Rez.
    The river reminded me of some of the small rivers I grew up with in Southern Oregon, free stone with lots of caddis crawling around on the rocks.
    We had two afternoons of thunder storms with some very heavy rain the days before that had muddy the river pretty bad in the head waters.
    We stopped when we found clearer water with visibility of about 3'.
    My friend Cole who is not a fly fisher was using a perch colored plug and on the third cast into a pool under a bridge he hooked up with a beautiful wild rainbow at 17".
    Pinched barbs made for an easy release, wow what a fish.
    Sorry to say this was the only fish Cole caught.
    I was using a San Juan worm and after 30 min. of no bites I switched to a olive bead head bugger and started to catch many, many wild rainbows. Largest bow for me was 12", most were small 6" guys.
    There were many spots to pull off the pavement to access the river and a little dirt no fee camp ground just up stream from Keller.
    The Keller ferry is closed down until August 14th. So we didn't get to cross the Columbia to head for home, but had to back track from Republic back to Wenatchee.
    We saw lots of big buck Mule deer around Curlew lake, beautiful country, few people, kinda the middle of no where, loved it.
    tight lines
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  2. My stomping grounds!!! I'm half-surprised you didn't nail a big smallmouth in the SP if you were using a streamer.
  3. I've fished the San Poil South of Republic before you get on the Colville Reservation a couple of times and there are some nice fish in that river.
  4. It has been a LONG time that I have fished SanP. Great water and sounds like you guys had fun
  5. I just got home from ferry county had an awesome time! Never fished the SP though.
  6. triploidjunkie
    I was told that the tribe had killed all (all they could) the walleye and bass.
    electro shock, something like 1,700 lbs. or was it 17,000 lbs or maybe this guy was just full of BS
    I had been looking forward to a fish fry from walleye and bass. Tribe regs said no limit, C&R all trout.
  7. Quite possible. I haven't caught a bass in a year or two. More importantly, I haven't gotten a squaw outta there in years. The squawfish nearly wiped out that fishery a decade ago.
  8. Well, if all those greedy little RB's I caught grow up to be like the one Cole caught. You know, "I'll be back"
  9. I really enjoyed reading about your fishing the San Poil. So, there were not alot of down trees impreding your fishing ? How long did your trip last ? I need to get over there more, have a place on the San Poil, but worked all this past summer. I need to get over there and make sure things are all buttoned up for the winter.
    I am in East Wenatchee, drop me an email.
  10. When I lived in Washington, I always wanted to try that river. I somehow never made it over there.
  11. What more can I say!
  12. Sounds like a great trip. Too bad about the lack of brookies at Lost. Always wanyted to hit the Sanpoil - maybe next year.


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