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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Gregg Lundgren, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Well, my boat arrived today per schedule. Everything has been dry fit in the garage, and she has held air pressure for six hours. So far, so good.:)

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  2. Regarding the Customer Service side of things...

    The (Sawyer) Power Stroke oars are still on back order. Apparently Sawyer is having an issue with one of their suppliers. I was shipped the standard aluminum oars to use in the interim, and I will be able to keep them as spare oars, no charge. I'll wait. I was able to press for an opinion regarding the Power Strokes vs. the Mini Mags... 'Maybe wait for the Power Strokes if you favor moving water, they will show less wear and tear, and the directional blade will supply more horsepower when needed on demand.'

    My order shipped without the stripping apron I had ordered as a seperate accessory. I contacted them, and it was sent out today(same day).

    Someone has answered the phone each time I have called. Pleasant conversation each time with either Dave or Derek. Just passing on my experience so far.
  3. Sweet, you are a collector!
  4. So, I had been working on my boat cart design/build (I posted on that recently in the Stillwater forum).

    Now, I'm starting to prepare for first voyage this weekend. I decided to check out the stripping apron that I ordered as a separate accessory. Hmmm... Seems to be a generic stripping apron to be used across the entire Scadden product line. Long fabric straps off the four corners for tying off, or a couple of feet of Velcro on the straps for loop attachment. In my opinion, this doesn't work well on the Assault XX model.

    What does work is my Water Master stripping apron with the direct Velcro attachment front, and bungie cord attachment rear(bungie cord with open hook to D-ring). I really like the stripping apron as a work platform in both stillwater and rivers, but I don't want it to restrict my movement in either a regular or emergency situation. The Water Master apron allows movement with the bungie attachment in back, and you can separate the Velcro attachment up front with ease. I added some adhesive backed Velcro to the desired location on the boat, allowing for some adjustment.

    Next, the rod holder. Hmmm... A tube strap rod holder doesn't look very feasable for use in a handy location. I guess there is the adhesive mount base for a Scotty, but I've heard mixed reviews. Dave Scadden mentioned at the Lynnwood show that simplicity is your friend, a lot of things just get in the way. Maybe just lay the rod down? Perhaps, but I often use my rod holder on the river like a quick draw holster as I am getting on or off the oars, primarily just to move thru boney water, but also launching and landing.

    More to come, I'm sure.;)
  5. I had someone ask me about the cargo box for the bow seat. They changed the design, and they are now just a plastic shell covered with fabric. There is no longer any interior support at all. My solution was elegant?:eek: Those dang Styrofoam coolers they ship refrigerated items in... One less to get rid of now!

    Derek at NFO mentioned that a lot of folks also use regular coolers or just milk crates for interior support. I like the Styrofoam because it is light weight, and well, I can put favorite beverages in the cooler!:)
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  6. Hey gregg I had a question, what are the Dimensions of the Scadden assault XX (WxL). I am leaning towards the same boat instead of the Kodiak by Water Master.
  7. Josh,

    I have had a WM Kodiak for three years, and love it. I am now adding the Assault XX. As you may know, the Kodiak's overall measurements are 8' 10" in length x 52" in width.

    The Assault XX does not yet have its specs listed on the North Fork Outdoors(NFO) website. This is likely why you are asking. "Blue"(who posts on this forum) has reported it as being 10' in length. I am thinking it is 56" in width based on the boat cart I just built for it. If it wasn't back in the bag right now, I would get you the exact measurements.
  8. My 12 year old granddaughter and I took the Assault XX out for her maiden voyage to Pass lake on Easter Sunday. My prime objective was to get her into some fish, and build on her excitement to go fishing. She had the opportunity to hook fish both trolling/stripping a leach and doing some 'mid fishing. So, mission accomplished. She also loved the eagle and the kingfisher out there with us.

    Now, about the Assault XX in progress... it's down to those little things now.

    • I am out fishing with my granddaughter, and I can see this working out well with my other grandkids over 5 years old.
    • I could also see it working nicely for taking out inexperienced 'out on the water' fishers.
    • I can make pretty good time on the oars with two aboard, as in: "I really have to go now." announced at the far end of the lake. Good exercise, speed counted. We made it!:)
    • Although I don't see a good location for a tube strap rod holder, the Velcro loop on the side of the saddle bag, along with 10' length of the boat works well for laying down 9' rods.
    • We noticed a little more head-space in the cargo box supporting the passenger seat. A boat cushion was a perfect fit.
    • The saddlebags interfered a bit with the near side of the WM stripping apron. Not bad, but I would like to get it more taut, yet easy to release.
    • The adhesive backed Velcro loops strip I added to the boat will need some PVC adhesive over time. (The industrial strength Velcro label did mention: not so good on flexible vinyls)
    • Dry fitting does not always represent on the water measurements. By dumb luck, my Velcro adhesive strips were actually better located. (Tubes slightly closer while on the water)
    • While you can easily hear everything else going on around you, it is hard to hear the passenger in the bow seat facing away from you.
    • For experienced adult fishing buddies, I would prefer to have another Water Master or regular Assault for them to use. (easier to socialize, yet more independent 'on the water' logistics)
    I have likely forgotten a few things, but there will be opportunity to report on additional discoveries. I hope this helps some folks out.
  9. Today's modification was to adjust the rower's seat position. When I tested for my long legs at the show, Dave just moved the seat way back to get my knees down and out of the way. While this worked OK, later I noticed I couldn't reach out comfortably for a full oar stroke. I needed to move the rower seat forward.

    As many with long legs have discovered, you can modify the foot bar position. Here is my hybrid solution based on posts by "mojo"(34" inseams), and Rob Ast/Ed Call.;) Materials list: All stainless steel hardware = (2) 3 in. x 5/16 in. eye-bolts, (4) 5/16 in. flat washers, (2) 5/16 in. nylon lock nuts, (2) 5/16 in. cap nuts, (2) 1/4 in. quick links, a few links of chain held in reserve, foot-strap.

    I considered using wide-D shackles, but I liked the way the stress was distributed by the eye-bolts slightly better. My fins now tuck nicely under the forward cargo deck.:)

    View is from the rowers seat looking forward to the front cargo deck of the Assault XX.
  10. Great looking foot strap modification. Sounds like you have this craft about dialed in. The Scotty glue on rod mounts would be a nice accessory. Before gluing them, use some of your industrial Velcro to position them and test them well before going permanent. If not that, what about something vertical on the back of your seat? Casting on your left or right would not interfere with the spare rod(s). Another alternative, the back of the seat box in front of you. May be too far of a reach though. Possibly heat and bend some thin wall PVC pipe that could be laid along the boat. With only 10' of length, you may have to bend them around the bow a bit, but likely could slot them just behind your seating position so that you could remove and insert the rods. With the pin oar lock system, this would force your PVC to be inside or outside the tubes enough to clear the oars.
  11. Great write up and I LOVE the strap. I have a 35" inseam so this has been an issue. I used a pipe with carabiners. As far as width, I say you are spot on with the 56" It is the same width as the Renegade. The bungies on the apron sound like the ticket.
    Good luck with the oars. I use the Lite Speed oars and absolutely love them. I have the Sawyer on my X5 but they are heavy and very rigid. The give on the Lites make rowing so much easier, in my opinion,
  12. Thanks Blue and Ed.

    Blue... You may very well be correct on the Lite Speed oars.:) Right or wrong, I was convinced that the Power Stroke(Sawyer) oars might work in my favor with two people aboard making a mad dash for the take-out in high river flows.(Yes, I'm a bit paranoid.) Unfortunately, it ended up just being one person's opinion. I couldn't really get any other opinions or confirmations. I guess I'll just have to find out the old fashioned way.

    More sea trials(and fishing) on Tuesday, albeit stillwater. Measure twice, glue once!:eek:
  13. Again, having both, I do get the advantage to seeing and feeling the difference. I know the Lites were designed with moving water in mind. The give and the sling shot idea. More forgiving. I talked with Dave for a long time this weekend at the I.F. Expo. and although I have both oars, I have never picked them up at the same time. Personally, I see the Sawyers more for the framed models. They are heavier and rigid.
    The flex in the Lites are miss leading. There is a lot of power there at half the energy.
  14. I have had the same results
  15. HI ,
    i just had my first drift with my Assualt XX 2 person. It drifted fine in class 2 water (the Cowichan River In BC). My anchor system was problematic. I tried the strap on Scotty Anchor Lock system Using Scotty parts #266 (Straps & mount) with #276 (anchor lock). I was using about 12 lb weight. The straps slip all the time. I had to continually repostion the anchor lock as it slipped over the back.. Does anyone have a solution or different idea on how to anchor in moving water. Scotty manufacturer says this combo is not recommended as an anchor system. The strap mount is for rod holders yet Scadden promotes these combos for the Assault XX.
  16. Hi pdev,

    I personally don't anchor in moving water, so I can't comment. Others may have feedback and are welcome to post it here, but you might have better response starting a new thread. That will get more eyeballs on the issue. I hope you enjoyed your new boat on her first drift, less the anchor problem of course.
  17. The saddlebags interfered a bit with the near side of the WM stripping apron. Not bad, but I would like to get it more taut, yet easy to release.
    Solved - Routed the bungie cords under the saddlebags to the outboard D-rings. Easy to do.

    The adhesive backed Velcro loops strip I added to the boat will need some PVC adhesive over time. (The industrial strength Velcro label did mention: not so good on flexible vinyls)
    Solved - Sure enough, the adhesive started to get gummy and pull away in the sun. BSI provided some Velcro strips and PVC adhesive when I ordered the additional stripping apron. Removed old and applied new after re-measuring for new rower's position.

  18. Put it on and tighten before you fully inflate. I use several large links of chain for an anchor (when I use an anchor) and no slipping at all. I did buy a flexible plastic cutting board I put under the straps to keep the anchor from banging against the pontoon.
  19. Well, I am still puzzling this out for the Assault XX. Tube strap rod holders are out due to the front and back cargo decks. Like Jesse, I can't envision an elegant solution quite yet. Laying 9 foot rods down only leaves about 8" overhanging the boat, and you can secure the rod(s) with the Velcro strip on the saddlebag. So, this is doable for now.

    The best location for a glue-on Scotty rod holder(front right for me) would interfere with getting onto the oars. Blue makes the suggestion to stow the oars blade first, and this would solve the situation for stillwater. But, I do worry about that configuration on the river should the blades get hit by rough water or an obstruction of sort. Am I being a bit too paranoid?
  20. If you are in rough water your badges are not stored forward, they are in use, no?

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