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  1. Today at work Edco Inc. (Mt. Vernon) came to do a presentation about their fab/machine shop capabilities. Some of you might recognize the name as the manufacturers of Solitude reels. Well, they did a drawing for a giveaway, and I ended up with a nice Solitude 4 reel!

    Great guys and a great company, either way. My company has been doing business with them for the last few years and they seem to really know what they are doing. The reel is definitely a testament to that.

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  2. nice real!! And its hard to beat something for free
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  3. Nice indeed. They could have beaten free if they also paid you 20 bucks :)
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  4. They also gave us pizza. :)
  5. Nice looking reel & the price was definitely right!
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  6. Well, THAT'S more like it! :D
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  7. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Good score
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