Scotty Glue-On rod holders - any regrets?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by adamfkimball, May 17, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    This weekend, I'm planning on attaching two scotty glue on holders to my Watermaster Kodiak. That is unless I head anything different from this forum. Before I received them in the mail, I thought the idea was that you glued on the flexible base only, but now I see that you must mount the base for the fly rod holder, too. Makes me wonder if packing it becomes more difficult or what happens when something breaks the hard base - I assume this can't be removed once done, right.. so..

    1. Are you happy with your glue-on setup? Would you do it again on a new boat?
    2. Where did you mount yours - are you happy with the location?
    3. Any other things to say?

  2. Happy.
    Make sure you locate well.
    Mount them temporarily with Velcro or duct tape.
    Assess the temp mount, when satisfied for rowing and reach comfort mount and enjoy.
  3. No regrets, in fact, love them. Some have said the boat does not fold up as compactly, but I have no issues with it fitting in the bag that came with it. Ed's idea of doing it somehow in a temporary way first makes good sense. And I have one in front (careful of oars) and one in back, just behind the storage bag on the left.

  4. I don't have one right in front of me but my recollection was that the hard base was easily removable from the flexible mount with a screwdriver. The flexible mount just traps the nuts. If the hard base is broken just replace with another one.

    I "temporarily" mounted my flexible mount with GOOP on a PVC boat but so far it's working fine: seems strong enough as is. If/when the GOOP gives up (it's just on an anchor mount, not a precious rod holder) I will reinstall with the correct glue.

  5. I have them on all my boats. The X5, the Renegade, the Assault and the Predator. This is actually my second Assault. My first I put one right front and one left back. On the new one I will continue with the one on the back, but the front one I will probably put on the left and more towards the inside. Reason is I have a two pole permit. So while I hold and strip one the other can sit while line sinks or troll if windy. All my other boats are front Right and Left rear. I am a right handed caster.
    But the front mount I also use for my Go Pro as well as one of the rear with a riser.
    First ones I did with Stabond. Last three I did with Loctite.
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