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  1. My friend, Washington fly tier Scotty Howell, died today at 2PM after a prolonged and courageous battle with a virulent throat cancer.

    I first saw Scotty's flies on He was a superb craftsman, but, more than that, he was an artist. His patterns were innovative in their use of materials and colors, and yet rooted in the traditions of salmon and steelhead tying.

    More than that, he was a brother to me.

  2. Stu,

    Thank you so much for letting us know of his passing. I still want to keep him in my prayers. I know that anyone who knew Scotty and his work were very aware of his tremendous talent as a tyer, but also of how passionate he was about the craft. I was always so proud of being able to display his flies on Salmonfly.Net because they were such a great example for other tyers to attemt to emulate. We will all miss him.

  3. Scotty Howell Sadly Missed. Leon
  4. My name is Leon Guthrie from Scotland and contributor to Scotty Howell has also been like a brother to me for many years like Stu. Scotty Will be sadly missed, I have many of his flies he sent me that are framed and a Treasured Possession, Scotty was so concerned of my First heart attack when I was 50 and he was willing to come over to scotland to see me! Now having survived 7 Heart Attacks and now nearly aproaching 55. you can understand my great loss for Scotty. His work in making his creations are indeed works of art and every turn of silk he made on the flies he gave me of designs of my Family Tartans are absolutely flawless.

    I miss him Greatly and will never be forgotten!

    Leon (Aka: LEO)
  5. I was really Sorry to hear Scotty passed away, we where good pals via email for quite a few years
    over the years we had so much in common, Flies, fishing, Football, bikes, music. It was strange but great, I always enjoyed getting his emails seeing his new flies and enjoying his criac/humour. The way he would type grin at the end of an email always made me smile

    Scotty, was a great tyer and a great guy.

    I sent him a letter about Christmas time not sure if he got it before he passed away.

    I miss his wit, and his flies .

    Stevie Munn

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  6. i miss Scotty as well.....never did meet him in person, but we emailed often. He was one of my very favorite Steelhead tyers and one hell of a nice guy who was very humble. i wish we could of fished together. Long live Scotty. mark..... ;>) p.s. see you soon in Ireland Stevie.....
  7. I remember fondly one of the last times I saw Scotty. We had lunch together at the NW Fly Tyers Expo in Eugene. We talked flies ,fishing, life...! I am fortunate to have spent some time with him across the tying tables. He will be missed but not forgotten by those who met him.

    For those who never had the good fortune to meet Scotty, enjoy that part of his legacy on!
  8. I just found this thread. Rest in Peace Scotty! Had lots of fun with him and Stu when he lived here in Oregon. Had another friend die also from a super bad fight with cancer last week. Ray Bradley Rest in peace!!!!!
  9. I never knew that you and Scotty knew each other Ronn. It's a small world.

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